Honor Veterans All Year Long

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Honor Veterans

I am a US Military Veteran. I proudly served in the US Navy. A heartfelt thank you from me to all of my fellow Veterans for your service.

Another Veteran’s Day has Come & Gone

Do you honor Veterans all year long? Another Veteran’s Day has come and gone. Lots of patriotic fanfare, discounts galore and a plethora of eating establishments offering everything from a free coffee to a free meal. Is all this generosity because of thankfulness on the part of companies offering them? Or… is it just another marketing ploy to make sure those companies are not looked at poorly? It appears that most companies offer these bonuses only on one day out of the year. Others like Lowes, offer veteran discounts, special employment recruiting and even designated parking spaces for Veterans at their stores all year long. But it’s ok not to offer discounts or specials.

Discounts or Thankfulness?

WHAT? Not offer Veteran discounts? Many Veterans will not ask for a discount. It is a point of honor for most of us that our service was voluntary and we did not expect any special treatment. It IS nice to receive thanks for our service and even then many of us are hesitant to acknowledge honors. It’s not that we aren’t proud, but there are those who suffered injuries or even paid the ultimate price. THOSE are the Veterans who deserve far more than we ever return to them or their families. For many of us, the once a year discount is nice, but it can feel like we are selling our service to the country. If you want to honor these men and women, don’t wait for one day a year. 

Help and Honor Veterans Every Day

As another Veteran’s Day fades away, remember one thing: Since 1973, our country has had a VOLUNTEER military. Prior to that, in the event of a conflict, our military was staffed through a draft. Most of the Veterans you will meet willingly enlisted in the military. What does that mean to you and why does it matter? Without your fellow citizens volunteering for the military, it would be a necessity to continue drafting recruits. We should all be thankful that a veritable handful of people decided to willingly enlist to defend our country. It doesn’t matter what your opinions of war are, without these men and women, many of you reading this would have been subject to a draft. That is something everyone should be thankful for, all year long.

As a Veteran owned business, The Beacon Center endeavors to honor all of our Veterans, as well as all of the other heroes of life, paramedics, nurses, Doctors, firefighters, police and the list goes on. You don’t have to give anything away or offer discounts and special parking. All you have to do is remember the sacrifices that have been made on your behalf by these men and women. Let that memory guide you as you meet and interact with these heroes every day of the year.


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