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adoption showers photoYes, Adoption Showers Are a Thing

Ever hear the term “Adoption Shower“?  This type of celebration is increasing in popularity.  Whether your new arrival is 12 months old or 12 years old, it is a cause to have a celebration.  Here at The Beacon Center, we see traditional baby showers almost every week.  We LOVE babies and their parents, regardless of age or any other qualifier.  That warm, fuzzy feeling extends to adoptive parents and children as well.  Every child, no matter their age, deserves a loving parent or two and we want to help you celebrate this milestone.

Adopting This New Celebration is Easy

If we have piqued your interest, here are some quick tips on where to go from here, courtesy of Adoptions With Love:

#1. Hold off on the celebrations until after the baby or child is placed –
There are many unknowns when it comes to adopting a child. In most scenarios, the waiting parents do not know when they will receive the child into their home.

#2. Give it time before throwing the adoption shower –
We understand that everyone, friends and family alike, will be excited to meet the latest addition to the family. If you are the soon-to-be parents, however, you might consider taking time to spend with your child before hosting a big celebration.

#3. Tread lightly with any surprises –
Most of us out there love surprises, but when it comes to an adoption shower, it is best to play it safe and steer away from the surprise party approach. Adoption timelines are never set in stone. Plans change or get delayed, and as mentioned before, the timing of the official adoption placement is very unpredictable.

#4. Personalize the party –
An adoption shower should reflect the adoption journey in some shape or form. If you know the child is of a certain heritage or background, you may consider celebrating that through food or decoration.  If you know that the adoptive family traveled by air or car to meet their baby or any other specific tidbits from their adoption story, try to incorporate that into the theme of the party as well.

A Welcome Addition

As we discovered during the writing of this blog, there is a plethora of information concerning the do’s and don’ts of Adoption Showers or Celebrations.  Actually, many of the time-tested planning for regular newborn showers are easily adapted to an adoption celebration like this.  Just a little imagination, creativity and the special love of adoptive parents is all you really need.  The Beacon Center would be thrilled to help you plan your shower and welcome your “new addition” into your family.


Basic package (39 people or less) NOT AVAILABLE ON SATURDAYS AFTER 10:30am START TIME

  • Up to 6 hours of use – Gives you the time needed to decorate, set up food, hold the shower, load car and clean up
  • Audio (you bring a digital playlist and tap into our speakers)  – Saves the high cost and space needed for a DJ
  • Table Linen (several colors available) – Much nicer than plastic ones from the dollar store
  • DIY Selfie Station with a tripod, Bluetooth remote and props  – Saves you from running around asking for people to send you their photos
  • Tables & Chairs  – We have plenty, no reason to rent them
  • Setup of tables – We know the best setups for the space, we will get the tables set and place the linen on the tables
  • Cleaning   – You can even get $75 back, upon your exit (ask us how)

Total $600 with a $75 cleaning refund possible – Bringing your total to $525

Deluxe package (40 people or more)

  • Includes everything in our Basic Package plus:
  • Access to our bonus room, perfect for food setup and serving or gathering gifts  – Includes a mini fridge and microwave
  • LED Color changing ceiling lights  – Imagine your choice of colored lights dancing across the room

Total $800 with a $75  cleaning refund possible – Bringing your total to $725

50% down is needed to hold your date with the balance due 7 days prior to the event.

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks.  Or, you may prefer to contact our independent caterers.  They can provide personalized quotes directly to you based on your needs.

Since opening The Beacon Center we have hosted dozens of celebrations such as this.  Let us put together a package that combines affordability, simplicity & fun. Just the thing to celebrate your loved one’s adoption.

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