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One Chance to Get it Right

As a speaker, you have something to say or you have something to celebrate. Regardless of your need, choosing the right venue space for your event is critical. Too big and you are wasting money, too small and no one will stay long enough to listen. Many speakers & groups are constantly seeking a space where they can present their stage message to a small to medium group of attendees. Maybe you are just getting started and booking a convention center is a pie-in-the-sky dream right now. No matter what your need is, you have many factors to consider when choosing the perfect meeting spot for your upcoming event.

You never get a second chance to make a good impression.

Location, Location, Location

Price, Price, Price. Amenities, Amenities, Amenities. Finding a location that meets all of your needs can be nearly impossible. The key is to take it one step at a time and prioritize. What are the primary goals of your event? As a speaker, it can simplify things if you first identify what you need from a venue. A checklist of sorts would be a good first start. Location in relation to your audience is a key and perhaps the first priority, just like in real estate. Price is always a factor, as are hidden charges or fees. Perhaps you are looking for a neutral environment for your speaker and not a swanky, but dated decor. The time to decide what you need is before you start looking.    [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]As a speaker, you have something to say or you have something to celebrate.[/tweet_box]

3 Important questions to ask when booking in Las Vegas

If you have been a speaker at an event in Las Vegas, you know it is a different experience than almost anywhere else. Having been in your position, we thought a few quick tips to consider in Las Vegas would be helpful:

  1. Is parking accessible to the facility and is there a cost? In Vegas, almost everything is within a few miles of the strip. You will want to make sure there is parking which allows the guests for your speaking event, to enjoy the full experience of coming to Vegas to see you speak. The happier your guests are, the more they will follow you everywhere you go.
  2. What comes with the basic rental agreement? Often times, speakers will sign a contract or agreement without looking at the fine print. When booking a venue space in Vegas, take a look at what comes with your initial deposit and take a tour of the facility.
  3. What extra conditions apply that would cost more money? This question would relate to extended time, access to more venue tools such as WiFi, the television, projector, and other add-ons the venue space may have for you. Knowing this from the beginning will help you have a good idea of what would add more money to your expense.

At The Beacon Center, we are proud to work with speakers & organizations to offer them an affordable venue that includes everything you need for a successful event. Please visit our website and take our virtual tour. Like what you see? You can book a personal tour on our site as well.

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