5 Ways To Mitigate Fear In Business & Life

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Does Fear Impact Your Business & Life?

All of us fear something. In fact, some of us fear a lot of somethings. Sometimes it is hard to identify exactly what we are afraid of. For some, uncertainty causes us fear, others are worried about sickness, crime, or the next election. No matter what you fear, there are plenty of reasons to do so, some are real, most are likely imagined. Humans seem to like some types of fear. Why do you think disaster and horror movies do so well? But then, that is the movies and we all live in the real world. In the real world, we fear for our business, our family, and ourselves. Why do some folks thrive on fear and others recoil? Perhaps probabilities should impact your business fear level or your life. How probable is it for your own fears to become reality?

How likely is it that your business will be looted and burned? What are the real odds that you will be struck by lighting in Las Vegas? How long before someone trips on that lifted sidewalk out in front of your shop? Insurance companies are some of the largest and most successful businesses, they are all operated on the premise that some things are more likely to occur than others. In other words, they live and die on Probabilities. Perhaps we would be well advised to do the same.

Every Business Reacts To Fear

Fear in business is a good thing. A fear of lawsuits helps ensure we do business safely. Fear of bad customer reviews causes us to focus more on customer service, the key to any business success. Even in our everyday life, fear of a ticket or high insurance rates helps to remind us not to speed. As you can deduce, fear is a motivator. Sometimes it results in good outcomes, sometimes in poor ones. Regardless of your level of business fears or personal fears, we ALL feel them. The question is how do you respond to those fears?

Whether it is the danger of sickness, the loss of a livelihood, or being touched by violence, there are indeed many things out there to fear. Acknowledging those fears and making plans to confront or address them is actually the key. You cannot eliminate business fear or fears in your private life, what you CAN do is mitigate them. Here at The Beacon Center, we include a little fear in everything we do. A little fear is good, it keeps you on your toes. Just don’t let it rule your personal or business life.

Prioritize Your Business and Life Fears

Over the years of doing business and generally living life, we have discovered several steps to help you figure out what you should have fear of and what fears you can safely put away.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Fear in business is a good thing.[/tweet_box]

  1. Make a list of all of your Business or life Fears: You can’t overcome a fear of something until you recognize and define it.
  2. Decide how likely it is for your fear to be realized: Are you more likely to be infected by a virus or be involved in a car accident on the way home tonight?
  3. Is your fear constructive or destructive: Fearing something that will hurt your business is a lot different than your fear of clowns.
  4. Have you made decisions based on reacting to fear or mitigating it? The key to overcoming fear is to think rationally about the cause and effects of your fear.
  5. Decide what level of fear is your limit. As we said, fear is a good motivator, when it is used as a tool to avoid unpleasant outcomes in life or business.

The Beacon Center Can Calm Your Venue Rental Fears

We live in fear. Fear of unhappy customers. Whether you are holding a team training or celebrating your wedding, our biggest fear is failing to make you happy. Now, we know the odds of that are very slim, but that fear keeps us on our toes. It keeps pushing us to make improvements and go that extra step to give you even greater value. Our biggest fear is your biggest guarantee of a successful event. To find out how The Beacon Center can calm at least SOME of your fears, simply visit our website or better yet, request a free tour. EVERY client meets with our Owner, Becky Stonebarger, so you are guaranteed to have a direct line to her. Her only fear is that her prospective renters won’t recognize the value our venue offers. So, come and have a look yourselves, see what fearless venue rentals look like.

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