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Advocate For The Bride – A Wedding Must Have

advocate for bride photoA Bride’s Advocate – It’s YOUR Wedding

There is a new idea germinating in weddings these days, an Advocate for the Bride. We have all heard of wedding planners. The traditional manager of all things at your wedding. They are great and do their jobs very well. However, they can be pricey and sometimes the Bride gets lost in the shuffle. The new idea is one that gives control back to the Bride. An advocate is defined as a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. What more important cause is there for a Bride than your wedding? What is a Bride to do when the wedding planner, her mother or friends start to take over the wedding? Is it really YOUR wedding? How different would it be to have a person who is invested in ensuring what you want is what you get?

An Advocate For Your Wishes

Many Brides have ended up with the wedding their Mom wanted. Remember when the Aunt’s decided what food would be served or what type of DJ music was booked? How many times have wedding planners selected flowers or colors that had nothing to do with the Bride’s favorites? Imagine if you had one person whose ONLY desire was to make sure your wedding was YOUR wedding. Someone to tell you honestly whether you were wasting money or whether the colors you picked would clash. A person who wants your wedding to be as special to you as theirs was to them.

Enter the Bride’s Advocate. A new idea on the wedding scene and one that is translatable to any price range you may be able to afford. A Bride’s Advocate is dedicated to exactly what the Bride wants, not the mother or Aunt’s or even your best friend. With any luck, the Advocate will be brutally honest with you about your options and choices.

Three Things A Bride’s Advocate Should Do

There are three major topics that am Advocate should focus on:  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]A Bride’s Advocate is dedicated to exactly what the Bride wants[/tweet_box]

#1. Ensure the Bride is ultimately in charge – Just because your sister thinks purple is the bomb, someone should be able to tell her no.

#2. Ensure the budget is followed – The Advocate should be as concerned with your wedding costs as they are with your decorations.

#3. See #1 Above….

This is simplifying things of course, as there are many other issues an advocate can help with. The main idea is that it is YOUR wedding and you should get exactly what you want…or can afford. The one thing an advocate should NOT do is dictate to the Bride. Some Brides want a wedding planner who will manage every minute detail of your big day and make all your decisions. This can be freeing, but also very expensive. If you don’t have deep pockets or want to be involved in the planning and execution, consider finding an advocate for the Bride.

The Beacon Center Is YOUR Advocate

Our Owner, Becky Stonebarger is a bit of a wedding geek. She is in her element when planning the big day for a Bride on a budget. Becky is a firm advocate for the Bride and her sole objective is to ensure every Bride is happy and has a memorable wedding. Even if it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. The Beacon Center is your one-stop-shop for a wedding on a budget. Becky even became a wedding officiant, just so she could make things easier for brides.

We can help you with all of your wedding needs from the Altar to the Reception. All at a cost far less than a traditional banquet center or church ceremony. If your wedding party is not that big or your budget not that large to allow a fairy tale wedding in a castle, give Becky a call or visit our website to see all the ways we can advocate for you.

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