Airbnb Rentals for Parties And Events. Can you or Should You?

By November 10th, 2020Venue Space Vegas

airbnb rental photoParties and Events May Be A Problem At Airbnb Rentals

You just put a big deposit on your Airbnb in Las Vegas. This will be great, a big condo, in a very nice complex with a pool area, a Club House, and even tennis courts. If you were just going for a weekend getaway you made a wise choice. But you are planning on 30 or 40 friends and relatives joining you for a birthday party and you didn’t tell the complex management team or your Airbnb landlord. You paid the deposit and they are certainly charging you enough for the Airbnb rental, why not take advantage of the opportunity to throw a party?

Yep, this is going to be one epic weekend and celebration. Not so fast…there may be a problem. It might be wise to read the fine print in the rental contract before you mail invitations. Your plan for a party on the down-low may be in trouble.

You’re Busted!

Unfortunately, several of your friends do call the complex office, to ask about directions and parking at the Airbnb location. You were just busted, you see there is likely a clause in the rental contract you signed forbidding parties or large numbers of visitors. You will likely find that almost all Airbnb or Vacation Rentals do not want parties or large groups of people gathering at their properties. Parties and large events are often accompanied by noise, trash, and damage to the residence.

Remember, you are likely renting someone’s residence, a home. Think about it, would you like a group of strangers to hold a party or function in YOUR home? That is not what the majority of Airbnb renters want either. If you are renting an apartment or condo, you can bet the other complex residents will not welcome the potential noise, parking issues, and potential damage caused to their properties.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Parties and Events May Be A Problem At Airbnb Rentals[/tweet_box]

This can apply to business events or functions as well. Even a small meeting or training session held at an Airbnb can cause problems. Traffic, noise, and parking can also be factors with business functions, the same as parties. Again, Airbnb rental contracts forbid commercial activities at the rental. Remember, you may be renting it but someone else owns it and they want to protect their investment and maintain the goodwill of their fellow complex owners. Renting a single-family home for one of these purposes can be even more problematic. How do you feel about parties and events in your subdivision or community? The traffic, the noise… most people want peace and quiet at their home.

Get Permission Or Find A Different Venue

You may get lucky. Your Airbnb may allow you to hold an event, but they may require a large damage deposit or charge more for the rental. You also risk angry residents in the area confronting you or your visitors. All manner of problems can arise. Your best bet is to rent an appropriate venue, separate from your Airbnb rental location. Yes, you will need to pay for a commercial venue but in the end, the problems facing you at an Airbnb rental all go away. In fact, you may be able to offset the extra venue rental cost by renting a smaller, cheaper Airbnb location.  Besides, do you really want to clean up the place you are sleeping and eating in after a large event?

If you are Airbnb’ing in Las Vegas, The Beacon Center is your one-stop-shop for personal or business events. We are centrally located in the valley, with a bright, clean facility designed specifically for events like yours. So why risk it? Give us a call or visit our website. See how we can be the perfect complement to your Airbnb rental
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