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are your friends reliable photoHow Reliable Are YOUR Friends?

It’s Saturday night and your friends are supposed to be arriving shortly. You have the food laid out, the drinks are on ice and the personal care items are organized and ready to be bagged. Yes, your work party for stuffing care bags for the homeless is all set! As the minute’s tick by, you become increasingly concerned with your normally reliable friends. The start time comes and goes. 30 minutes and three phone calls explaining why your friend cannot make it, your first friend shows up. Thank goodness, one person showed…but they just came to drop off some gift bags, they have other plans. You can’t figure it out, you had 10 RSVPs. In the end, one person showed up for about 45 minutes and stuffed a handful of bags. No one else showed up.

You have now started wondering “Are your fiends reliable?”    [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Are your fiends reliable?[/tweet_box]

We’ll Ask Again: Are Your Friends Reliable?

Of course, your friends are reliable, when it is something fun with no work involved. But decorating, stuffing care bags, or setting up for a club meeting is a bridge too far for some in your circle of friends. Reliability is not the strong suit of a lot of people these days. Sometimes it’s legit. Someone is sick, the babysitter bailed or the car broke down. You have probably heard all those reasons at one time or another. It isn’t that your friends aren’t reliable, they just don’t have a vested interest in your project.

Make no mistake coordinating any event, whether a birthday party, a wedding reception or a celebration of life is a lot of work. Even a handful of friends or family can be a huge help in the effort. Finding a venue to rent, buying the food or supplies, coordinating the work and decorating is best done in a group. But what if your group likes to party but doesn’t like to hang streamers and balloons? Well, we have a few suggestions.

You Can Buy Reliability

We have noticed a couple of sure-fire ways to get people to come and help with your event. You can probably think of more, depending on your group of friends:

  1. Buy them a drink. Probably best to take them to a bar afterward, but we have seen a case of beer, iced down, accomplish amazing things.
  2. Feed them. A couple of pizzas and some good music will soothe the savage beast and also convince people to sweat a little.
  3. Pay the Venue. Let’s face it, no one WANTS to decorate or do the setup. If you have the option, a couple of hundred dollars, paid to the venue to decorate and set up, is a simple solution,

The Beacon Center Is Built on Reliability

You can count on us to be there for you. We can decorate, point you to a caterer and even suggest where to buy decorations. Over the years and hundreds of events, The Beacon Center has learned how to throw a party, set up a meeting, or even marry you.  We’d love to show you how we can be your one-stop-shop for great events. Would you like friends who are guaranteed to show up and be reliable? Simply give us a call or visit our website to learn all the ways The Beacon Center can make your life easier.

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