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Baby Showers – An Investment in the Future?

Baby Shower Investment

This article is tongue-in-cheek…….maybe.

Baby Showers for Profit and Fun

We all know baby showers have been around in some form for ages. What you may not know are the financial basics behind baby showers. In the old days, the average baby shower was held at mom’s house in her tiny living room. If you were lucky, the weather was nice and it would be in the backyard. That is assuming the dogs had been locked away. As time has progressed, we in the USA have developed an entire industry centered around Baby Showers.

According to the It’s estimated that American parents spend some $12,000 on their babies in the first year alone; in 2013, this resulted in $23 billion spent on baby products in the US. By 2017, the global baby care market is presumed to hit $66.8 billion in sales.  One could surmise that part of the $12,000 in first year spending could be offset by a lucrative Baby Shower.

Play a Baby Game, Make a Mint

In researching this article, the following giving guide seems to pop up:

#1. $20-$25 for a co-worker or acquaintance

#2. $50 for a close friend

#3. $100 for a best friend or family member.

Just for a moment, let’s assume you invite 40 people to your shower. 10 are family, 10 are close friends and the remaining 20 are co-workers, neighbors, or the nice little old lady next door. Applying a little math to the equation gives us a total revenue (see what I did there) of $2000. Not bad for an afternoon party. If it weren’t for the pesky pregnancy symptoms, having a baby shower every so often could make raising the kids worth it.

Expenses vs Income

Of course, you will have to buy a cake, maybe some little giveaways, and perhaps rent a venue to hold your event. Space at home is likely limiting your guest list and therefore your income potential. Renting a larger venue will let you increase invitations, leading to……more gifts. So, don’t skimp on the preparations, your customers will appreciate it.

In all seriousness, we know getting gifts is NOT the reason you hold a baby shower. Or is it? While the preceding article was “definitely” a spoof, The Beacon Center is truly the ideal home for your next shower, meeting or event. Our affordable packages and sparkling party space are a great way to get the party started.

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    • Thank you for reaching out to us for your baby shower. How excited you must be! The Beacon Center has hosted hundreds of baby showers so far and we would love to be a part of welcoming another little one into the world.

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