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Baby Showers – Not Just For Ladies Anymore

Baby Showers Ladies Only PhotoAre Baby Showers Just For The Ladies?

We are all familiar with the traditional Baby Shower. The ladies all gather in someones home and play cute little games like word scramble and baby bingo. They snack on little cupcakes and talk about the cuteness of the baby clothes the new mum opens. Maybe there are some finger sandwiches and punch to drink. While the festivities can get loud, it is usually due to everyone trying to talk at the same time. Maybe it’s time for a change? Maybe it’s time to invite Fathers, Uncles, Grandpas, and cousins.

An Inclusive Baby Shower

Every new mother needs help & one of the purposes of baby showers has always been gifts. It’s not out of greed, but the necessity of needing lots of things to raise a baby. Every mother, new or old, can use diapers and clothes and wipes and… get the idea. I was always a bit confused as to why only women were invited to baby showers. The more the merrier has always been my motto. Invite EVERYONE, yes it means more little cupcakes and goodies. But let’s face it, ladies, always overcook!  Invite everyone you know and throw away the Baby Shower Rulebook. 

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Maybe it’s time to invite Fathers, Uncles, Grandpas, and cousins to the baby shower.[/tweet_box]

A Shower Outside The Box

It’s a new Millenium, why are we still partying like it’s 1999? For a truly memorable start for the new arrival, consider inviting everyone you know to attend your shower. Even MEN (gasp). Why not get the men in your new baby’s life a chance to celebrate also? Perhaps it can even result in more packs of diapers and onesies at the gift table! If ladies today want the men in their lives more involved with the baby, start them off at the beginning. There are many ideas out there for how to include everyone in the festivities. Here are a couple of ideas:

#1. Serve Beer – Actually any kind of beer. Men aren’t picky when it comes to beer.

#2. Serve wings instead of cupcakes – On second thought, men will eat cupcakes WHILE they drink beer.

#3. Do NOT schedule any games that include flames or explosives – They ARE guys after all.

We present these ideas tongue-in-cheek, kinda. Serving alcohol is a growing trend in multi-sex showers. As always, moderation is the ley. Having REAL food is a sure way to get anyone to attend since men do think with their stomachs a lot.

Regardless of how you include the males in your new baby’s life, you should include The Beacon Center in your shower plans. We have the gender-neutral space for you to invite lot’s of friends and family to celebrate your new arrival. Visit our website and take a tour of our venue to see how we can help you have a fun, inclusive celebration of the baby.

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