Back to the Basics of Business Meetings

By February 8th, 2019Venue Space Vegas

The Basics of Business Meetings Started at the Table

Planning is perhaps the oldest human trait, that elevated us above the rest of nature. Sure, squirrels know to bury nuts for lean times and bears learned to wait it out. That is a far cry from planning the life of your company over any length of time, nevermind social and family life planning. At The Beacon Center, the symbol of a table evolved into a beacon of success. We believe the best business is the business conducted across the table from each other. Our very business model revolves around a meeting table.

Masterminding in a Quiet Space

Having a table is just the start. You need a quiet space to provide a unique opportunity to present your information or ideas. Often the noise and grind of company break-rooms, mini-meetings on the shop floor, etc. leaves real conversation out of the mix. Having a quiet space to form a mastermind plan and conversation, is guaranteed to improve your business bottom line. In the basics of business, the end goal is to create synergy and success. Bringing your big conversations back to the table will allow the leaders & staff in your company to feel heard and validated.

Team members react to having their voices heard in an environment that is not stressful. CEOs will benefit from having a table out of the grind, to share materials. A mastermind serves as a tool for business growth. Bringing your business to the table of success, while focusing on the important issues, can make a big difference. 

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3 Ways that an Offsite Venue Can Assist in Planning

Your place at the table is part of our back to basics article series to help businesses thrive in the Las Vegas / Henderson area. By choosing to rent venue space locally, and away from the office, you are saying yes to a new experience in company planning. Let’s look at some unique uses of this space, for your company meetings.

  1. Your company wants to join with other local companies to host a fundraiser for charity. Have you tried, and failed, at Skype and other online meeting methods because of bandwidth, noise and bad connections? This failure costs your company time and money, not to mention intense frustration. Simply renting venue space at The Beacon Center, takes all of that noise out of the equation. You can master the planning in a comfortable space and use our streaming.
  2. This year you have decided to hold a secret celebration for your employees, but keeping it a secret is not easy. The team members will walk by, or see a note on the desk and know the secret. You truly want this celebration to be something that inspires your team, but you may want to plan it without their ears. Renting out dedicated space, during daytime work hours, is the perfect answer.
  3. You have a huge contract coming up and need to hire 100 people fast. Because your facility is small, you must seek out ways to make this happen. You would like to have a group interview session and want ample space to make this happen. Holding your hiring event in a spacious room can help make this an easier hiring event.
  4. You have multiple locations to your business and employees in the field, but know that you must keep them connected and up-to-date on company changes.  Holding these types of meetings can be challenging when many venues do not open until 10 am.   Seek out a venue such as The Beacon Center in Las Vegas, NV that will allow you 24/7 access to schedule your training.

No matter what type of event you are having, it is often the smartest business decision to rent out a venue. The Beacon Center is not only affordable but is practical. We strive to make every renter feel comfortable with the meeting space.

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