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Thinking Outside the Box For Business Growth

By September 10th, 2019Venue Space Vegas

Thinking outside the box photoGrow Your Small Business with New Ideas

Today’s article is centered around thinking “Outside the Box“.   It is meant to start you on the right footing to improving your business success. Many of the old ways of doing things are not as effective these days, and in many cases cause the business to slow down. Being the innovative, creative solution developer you are, you probably have felt the feeling of being stuck in this box. To accelerate growth, you must continue learning.  Today’s customers respond more positively to new ideas. In addition to new ideas, buyers often respond to leaders who are creating new ways or visions for success.

The Old-School Box

Business owners have created their own box around the ways they have always operated. They have in effect “ boxed themselves in“.  However, some of your processes don’t need to be dumped, just re-organized to work for modern needs. The dawn of the virtual world now requires smart business owners to be more creative and change oriented.  Fast-paced changes in buyer behavior prove that the smart and successful CEO must keep up with societal and market changes.

Creating a New Box for Quick Success

I am sure that you have heard the term “Think Outside the Box”, or you may be a box-burner by nature. Knowing that the old methods can still work if adapted, you can still embark on creating new tools to help accelerate business growth. Inside of the next box will be 3 tools that we believe outshine the old-school methods for business. Change comes fast, so the business owner in tune with these changes will thrive. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Create a new box filled with tools for success. [/tweet_box]

3 Tools for Building a More Successful Business

Number OneFacebook Bot Integration. This method of communicating with prospects across the messenger platform automates a conversation from within a professional Facebook page or within a post made to the page. Automation starts a conversation. Each time there is an interaction such as clicking the “yes” button, a new message pops up. This type of modern automation helps your business run without you.

Number Two – Email Marketing Transformation Email is not dead, but its impact is fading. The bot will eventually take the place of traditional email marketing so why not blend the two while you can? Making these types of savvy moves in your business will move you ahead of the pack. Current email messages are too long. Don’t let your messages go the graveyard. Create a short email for people who communicate with your bot, and start to clear out your big email list for better conversion.

Number Three – Facebook or Instagram Groups  As a small business owner, you must communicate with your followers in a way that suits them best. Having a servant’s heart and knowing the newest ways to communicate, can move your business forward.  People in groups feel better about communicating their needs, and they are quicker to buy from you. A successful Facebook challenge within a group boosts your engagement. Inside of a Facebook group, people can talk to you, and you can work on your trust formula.

At our business, The Beacon Center, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our business processes, just as we do our facility. Please take a moment to visit our refreshed website, take a virtual tour and then schedule a time to see our facility in person.


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