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Brand protection photoBrand Protection In Today’s World

If you are not worried about Brand Protection you are flirting with trouble. You have labored long and hard to build your business. Many sleepless nights & many sacrifices have finally paid off. You have a thriving enterprise with great staff and a stable of consistent customers who love you and/or your product. You can now sit back and relax…right? Not so fast, the world of social media, the desire for instant gratification among consumers, and stiffer competition for their dollars make resting on your laurels risky. One bad review, one frivolous lawsuit, or just some negative word of mouth can all throw your business and your life into turmoil. If you don’t have a Brand Protection strategy, you are playing with fire. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”] Sometimes running a business carries unknown and unseen risks, hence the importance of a Brand Protection strategy[/tweet_box]

Proactive Protection Of Your Brand

As a business owner, you should be endeavoring to be ahead of any threat to your brand. How you respond to customer complaints, how safe you make your location or product, and whether you meet your customers’ expectations are all critical keys to avoiding a hit on your particular brand. This even applies to a simple service provider. Your business may be nothing more than your name and the service you offer, printed on a business card. In reality, this is an ever riskier position. We are now talking about your name and reputation being tarnished. The key is really not how you react to negatives affecting your business, it is preventing those issues before they become brand negative.

It may seem like a good idea to donate to a particular group, but you should make sure their reputation and vision fit with your business. It might be fun to post a controversial meme on social media but what will your customers see if they become aware of it? You can have instituted an ironclad no refund policy but how will your repeat customers react? Sometimes running a business carries unknown and unseen risks, hence the importance of a Brand Protection strategy.

Suggestions For Protecting Your Brand

I believe we have established that every business needs to be aware of the potential negative impacts on their brand and reputation that result from poor or ill-advised policies and decisions. So we thought we might make a few suggestions, they aren’t written in stone and can be altered in many ways. We will try to keep it generic:

  • Before donating or sponsoring ANY group, do your research. Today there are more groups raising money and pushing causes or issues than ever before. Be sure your visions and goals are compatible before writing that check.
  • Maintain open communications with your customers. If you don’t listen to them, they will find someone who will. Great customer service will trump low prices in most cases.
  • Keep your social media neutral. You have strong beliefs and that is good. Remember, just because you believe in something doesn’t automatically mean everyone else is wrong. When you pick a side personally, you are picking that side for your business as well.
  • Finally, get involved in your community. If your business is out there, visible, doing good works for your community you will engender a lot of goodwill. That goodwill might save your business in the event of a problem or misunderstanding that reflects negatively on you. In other words, one disgruntled customer won’t be able to damage your brand if your brand is solid and reputable to start.

The Beacon Center Can Help Protect Your Brand

Whether as a training venue, a product introduction event, or even a customer appreciation party, The Beacon Center is here to help you protect your brand and enhance it. Our bright, clean, neutral & yet uplifting venue is the perfect place to hold events that help build and solidify your brand. All it takes is one phone call or a visit to our website to start your brand on a partnership with our brand. Together we can show the rest of the business community how solid, caring and professional businesses should operate.

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