Be Your Brand or Walking Your Talk

By November 26th, 2019Venue Space Vegas

Be your Brand
Be Your Brand

Do you walk your talk? Do you live up to what you say, do and promote your brand? Whether you are selling hot dogs from your street cart or a CEO on the 40th floor, what image do you portray to the world? Do you live up to that image? This covers EVERY position, in EVERY business, do you “walk your talk”  with your actions and inactions. We all see it from day to day. week to week, on and on. The  VP, CEO or housekeeper does, says or ignores actions or situations that cause all of us to shake our bowed heads.

Pride In Your Work

When you walk into a room, do other people smile and great you?  Do your fellow employees, whatever your level, seek you out for advice and training? When you are off, are you greatly missed? If you answer yes to these questions, congratulations, you are in full strut…Walking Your Talk. You are doing everything other reasonable working folks consider appropriate. In fact, you are more than likely exceed the minimums that polite society considers acceptable.  [tweet_box design=”box_07″ float=”right” width=”40%”]Do you walk your talk when promoting your brand?[/tweet_box]

Pride In Yourself

You work your….well, you work hard. You are the most experienced tech on the crew or the best sales rep they have ever had. You’ve interviewed for too many promotions to count. What the heck is going on? Everybody loves me. Yes, but does everyone respect you as a person? Do you always take off the busy holidays since you have worked there the longest? Do you REALLY care when a co-worker has troubles? You can be an outstanding worker, but a not so great person. That can cover an immense range of actions or inactions in our work lives. It’s up to you to take stock and make sure you are Walking Your Talk and being a reflection of your brand.

One of the guiding principles at The Beacon Center is doing EXACTLY what we say we will do. We promise to do our best to keep our prices low and service high. We promise you a clean, uplifting, quiet location to get your employees or customers together and show them how You…Walk Your Talk.


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Becky Stonebarger

About Becky Stonebarger

The Beacon Center is the collaborative effort of Husband and Wife team, Gil & Becky Stonebarger. Becky is the mastermind and driving force behind the Center, with Gil supporting her every step of the way. With over 50 yrs of combined experience in Hospitality, Becky & Gil finally realized their dream of an affordable, inspiring space for Businesses and Individuals alike to meet, train or just party. Becky has owned several businesses through the years and is very proud of her degree in Casino Management and is currently working on her Event Planning degree as well. Gil is a US Navy Veteran who has managed hospitality operations across the country for over 30 yrs. They have been happily married for over 30 yrs, have two daughters and two grandchildren.

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