Is Your Business Evolving or is it a Dodo?

By November 25th, 2019Venue Space Vegas

Business EvolutionEvolution is Real

At least when it comes to businesses, large and small, evolution is a proven necessity. Many of us know about Dodos, large flightless birds that went extinct. As a species, they were too specialized for their environment and were not able to adapt when the world around them changed. Sound Familiar? While the subject of evolution among humans and animals is still being debated, the need for businesses to evolve and adapt to the world around them is a given. History is filled with stories of successful companies that failed to adapt to a changing business environment. Today, we see companies like Sears and JC Penney struggling to adapt to things like internet sales and changing spending habits of Millenials.

Going The Way Of The Dodo

As I mentioned before, the Dodo was a large flightless bird that went the way of the poodle skirt and paper catalogs. The big difference is nature took out the Dodo, while the whims of human beings caused the demise of skirts and catalogs. What’s that you say? There are still catalogs and poodle skirts are still a thing for 50’s nights at the senior center. That is true, but what kind of impact do they have on the marketplace? Minimal should be your answer, which is exactly the effect your business will have if it does not adapt. Take a look at this list of things that are obsolete:

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Answering machine—The old cassette tape kind for sure.
Lickable stamp—Collectors still like them, but the rest of us want self-adhesives.
Foldable roadmap—Please, these days you can have Snoop Dogg read your GPS directions.
Cathode ray tube television—LCD screens finally beat out their ancestors in 2007.
Incandescent light bulb—Already banned in Europe, these inefficient bulbs are being phased out here, too.
Fax machine—Pretty obsolete, though the Japanese still love it.
Floppy disk—1.5mb used to seem like a lot.
Phone Book—Still automatically delivered, but pretty useless outside of World’s Strongest Man competitions.
Rolodex—No match for its digital counterparts.

Every one of those items made millions if not billions for their respective companies, but are now virtually extinct. See where I’m going here?

Change Is The Only Constant

The only sure thing in business or life for that matter is change. Is YOUR business adaptable? Are you selling a service or product that is being eclipsed by technology? Is there a stable demand for what you offer? Can your business diversify? If you answered no to those questions, your business may be a Dodo, never taking flight until it is too late. Failing to pay attention to the world around you and the changes happening in the marketplace is a sure way for your enterprise to go extinct.

One thing that never goes out of style in business is elbow room. Space to sell, space to operate, space to train or just relax. Here at The Beacon Center, we are constantly evolving, offering new amenities and services to help your business meet the challenges of the future. Boasting plenty of space for up to 80 people, our uplifting and professional space is perfect for meetings with clients, giving presentations, conducting training seminars, or hosting mixers.

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