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New Ideas For Celebrating Commencement & Graduation

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Your Commencement Ceremony Was Cancelled – Now What?

You likely have seen and experienced it, a canceled ceremony for your student. It doesn’t seem to matter what level or grade is involved, there are very few public commencement activities on the schedule for the foreseeable future. Regardless of whether you are the student or the guardian of an affected person, losing the moment in the spotlight is hard. Likely there are a few others in your circle who are also impacted, so this is an issue that causes angst for a great many of our friends, family, and society as a whole.

You can’t keep us apart. In reality, we all know or at least hope public gatherings such as commencement or graduation will eventually return to normal. It may mean a permanent change to lower attendance or extra precautions, but these gatherings will eventually return. In the meantime, what do we do?

Celebrating The Achievement Of Commencement

There is no question we all need to observe enhanced safety precautions at commencements, graduations, and celebrations in general. We can, however, continue to celebrate achievement just in smaller groups. You see it across all aspects of life, fewer people getting together. Whether at your favorite restaurant, a movie theatre, or your daughter’s university commencement program, smaller crowds are mandatory not just a suggestion. If we take a cue from the current events it is obvious we do not have to stop celebrating achievements like a commencement ceremony, we merely need to downsize.

We also do not have to rely on Schools, Universities, or other Institutions to hold graduation or advancement celebrations. We can harness our “do it yourself” spirit and come up with a plan of our own. Yes, we can still celebrate our achievements. We simply need to downsize our expectations or rather “right” size them.

Micro-Celebrations Are The Solution

The era of mega ceremonies is likely over. You may never see another commencement or graduation ceremony with 300 people. You are much more likely to experience a 30 person gathering. If you think about it, smaller is better anyway. It certainly costs less to gather 30 people than 300. If you consider that most graduates are only really known by a handful of relatives and friends in that giant auditorium, smaller becomes even more practical. Who really wants to fight traffic, crowds, and other risks just to only see your graduate through binoculars?

By holding your own private commencement celebration with friends and loved ones in a private venue, you get a more intimate and memorable event. You can even band together with a couple of fellow graduates and reduce costs. Remember, big is not necessarily better. After all, don’t you feel a little more at ease in smaller groups? Especially when you have connections with most or all of your fellow attendees? Organizing your own Micro-Commencement can turn out to be a more memorable and personal experience for the graduate and all of their friends and loved ones.

The Beacon Center Was Born For Smaller Gatherings

If your Commencement celebration was canceled, all is not lost. The Beacon Center is your economical, flexible venue for any celebration or event. Our neutral decor allows for any theme you can dream up. Our central location makes us ideal as a gathering point for the whole valley. When you add in our value-priced packages, the ability to bring in your own refreshments, and even an option to live stream your event, The Beacon Center should be your first choice for holding your own ceremony and celebrations. Simply call us or visit our website to see all the options we have available.

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