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Celebration of Life Vs Funerals – Top 3 Reasons To Celebrate A Life

Reason to Celebration of Life PhotoCelebration Of A Life Or Funeral?

Is a Celebration of Life the new replacement for a funeral? The hardest thing most humans ever do is say goodbye to a loved one. There is nothing quite as sobering or sad. Societies have had many different ways of dealing with this issue since the dawn of mankind. It has largely been organized religion which has defined the parameters of how we note the passing of our fellow humans from this life.. However, even elephants have rituals that develop within herds to commemorate the passing of a member. These processes and rituals change over time, with many variations and objectives. The overriding issue is usually to help those experiencing the loss to deal with it and move forward.

Celebrate a Life or Mourn a Death

There is a new movement that seems to transcend religion or the sadness of a passing. Celebration of Life is the newer alternative to a dreary, sad funeral. Almost everyone has experienced this leftover from the past. Many people are opting for a more upbeat event to note the passing of a friend or loved one. Celebrating that person’s life and achievements instead of mourning their passing. Even some churches are beginning to embrace this positive change to celebration instead of mourning.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Celebration of Life is the newer alternative to a dreary, sad funeral.[/tweet_box]

Reasons To Celebrate

We all feel sadness for a loss. It is much easier to deal with any problem from a positive position vs negative. Here are a couple of reasons to have a party when someone passes, instead of donning black and feeling sad. Have a celebration of their life and accomplishments instead.

#1. Love – You loved the person who passed on. . . remember that above all else. . . LOVE.

#2. Positivity – There are enough doom and gloom in the world, remember the accomplishments of the recently departed and celebrate them..

#3. Future – Show everyone that tomorrow will still come and your loved one would want them all to smile. . . not cry.

Whatever your reasons, it is always better to remember the good that each of us brought to the world. Celebrate and carry on that legacy to truly honor the departed.

The Beacon Center is ready to help you celebrate a life well-lived. We have a neutral, uplifting venue that can be made into just about any theme you can imagine. We are open to everyone. Visit our website and book a tour of our space. We can help you navigate this trying time and remember that your loved one would not want you to be sad.
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