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Celebration of Life or Celebration of a Lifetime?

Celebration of life photoSaying Goodbye Isn’t Easy

My husband and I recently attended a Celebration of Life for a friend of the family. Losing someone is very difficult and it really doesn’t matter whether it was sudden or drawn out. The only thing you can focus on is the pain and the loss. Since mankind first formed groups, families and friends have gathered together to mourn the loss of a member. The rituals and ceremonies used during these times change from religion to religion and society to society. In fact, there are as many ways to mark the passing of someone as there are ideas.

I am still on the fence, but my husband is fully on the Party bandwagon. I grew up in the era of somber funerals, with everyone dressed in black, hearse and all. So being exposed to more of a party atmosphere, with people laughing and even dancing was quite the transition for me.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]A “Celebration of Life” is just that, a celebration. Family & friends decide to have a party instead of crying tears of pain.[/tweet_box]

My Husband says “Party Like It’s 1999”

As I mentioned earlier, my husband has completely changed his attitude toward the Celebration of Life services. He is adamant that people laugh and tell jokes, even at his expense. Like beer? Drink a couple to his memory! Have a flask, spike the punch bowl. Play some loud rock music and dance the night away. Remember, he liked to laugh and sing, so do as much of it as you can when you gather to remember him. His final wish is that people remember the good, the fun and the lessons learned throughout a long life. His love and kindness are the legacies he would like folks to celebrate. After all, the alternative is crying and sadness…….

He adds, “It doesn’t matter what you call it, just call it fun.”   As a final word on the subject, he suggested buying little books of jokes to hand out to everyone who attends the celebration.

What is a “Celebration of Life Service”?

A “Celebration of Life” is just that, a celebration. Family & friends decide to have a party instead of crying tears of pain. Better you should shed tears of joy for the time you were able to spend in this life with your loved one. This party is held with the intention of remembering the loved one just as they were on earth. Many choose to have party favors, cakes, and cards with the picture of the loved one. Some choose to have music and dancing. Food & drink can be served or just pass out the favorite candy of the person being celebrated. The only limit is on your imagination.

No matter how you do it, The Beacon Center has the space for you and our friendly staff is always ready to assist you in creating the right ambiance and environment for your celebration.

We understand what your family is experiencing and are here to help. Whether you are actively preplanning or just curious, please visit our website and take a virtual tour. Our Center can host any kind of event you can imagine, from business to birth to passing.

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Becky Stonebarger

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