Christmas in Any Month- Is Your Business Ready for a Pop-Up Sale?

Christmas in Any Month

Christmas in Any Month  

Most of us realize that the Christmas in July meme was created to sell more stuff. I suppose it is also a mental crutch for those of us sick of heat and humidity already, knowing cold will return. Raise your hand if you have seen a Christmas Countdown Clock in the last few weeks?  This meme has always been reserved for when summer sales lag in your local store. Whatever the motivation, the entire country has bought into the idea and YOUR business should capitalize on this gift. Don’t limit yourself to July, think Christmas in Any Month. Product sales, launches or even sales seminars are designed to take advantage of this trend. Many small businesses simply cannot afford an expensive, permanent storefront. You have no choice but to find and utilize alternate sales methods. One of those methods that might be good for your retailing efforts is a Pop-Up sale.

What is a Pop-Up Sale? 

A Pop-up Sale, product launches, and sales seminars can all be tied into the nationwide Christmas in July sales effort. Or Christmas in August, September… In all seriousness, the advertising by larger companies, promoting Christmas in Any Month can be a boon to your small business. There is free advertising all around you. Why not take advantage of this prebuilt marketing? Pop-Up Retail, as the trend is technically referred to, has been around since the first caveman laid out animal skins in front of his cave, to trade for whatever the caveman next door had found or hunted. More commonly called Pop-Up Sales, the high cost of retail store space and the transient nature of our society has given new life to an old idea. Many startups and home-based sales firms use these “temporary stores”  to clearance old stock and roll out their new product line. Several sellers can even pool resources, split costs and have a joint Pop-Up sale.

Getting The Word Out

When you decide to give this trend a shot, remember that a big key to selling is awareness. Awareness of products, your “store” location and the hours of operation are key. If people do not know what you sell, where you sell it and when is perhaps the most important aspect of a pop-up sale or product launch. You have to advertise, just like the big boys. I have personally seen sales with terrific products, a great price, and an outstanding customer service fail miserably. Why did they not succeed? No one knew the pop-up sale was going on or even where it was. The organizers relied on social media and word of mouth to generate foot traffic. Space does not allow me to go into marketing 101 or low/no cost advertising. Regardless, do not skimp on your advertising efforts to promote your pop-up or launch.Pop up Shop

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