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Is Your Networking Group A Club?

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If you are reading this article you have likely visited or belonged to a Networking Group. Or perhaps you joined the Science Club in high school. No matter your reasons, the title likely appealed to your personal experiences. Webster’s defines a Club as an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported and meeting periodically. I recently read a story with the following phrase, which inspired this article. “It’s a big club and you aren’t in it”. That may be true, but it is likely by your own choice. Being with other people of similar interests is a good thing. Any positive activity that draws people closer together is a net positive for the community and the people involved. So…if you are part of a networking group you belong to a club, of sorts.

3 Reasons To Join A Club (Networking Group)

There are many reasons to join with others who share your visions and interests. In a group, we have more impact on issues and on each other. If you need a reason to join a Networking club, here are a few:

#1. Many Heads Are Better Than One – More members means more ideas, more help, and more cooperation….ok, there are three right there, but we will go on.

#2. Every Member Has A Voice – If you don’t get the opportunity to share and be heard, are you REALLY a member of the club? Speak up during meetings.

#3. Connecting With Others Is Natural – If you isolate yourself from others, you lose the connection that nature has hardwired into humans. We naturally migrate to “tribes”, the original “clubs”.

Think about it, one of the more recent trends in business and life is to find YOUR TRIBE…..or Club. Your group isn’t an isolated island, but merely a gathering point on the road of life. A place to relax, gather information and decide where to go on the road next.

Does Your Networking Group Have A “Club House”?

As we mentioned before, joining a club is a natural step for many people. It is a real getaway for some folks. In that vein, we ask if your group or club has a consistent place to meet? A Club House”. Just as you feel the need to have one stationary location to call home, so do groups need a consistent location to meet and call home. If your networking group roams from location to location, it erodes the cohesiveness of the group. Just as meeting in someplace like a bar to conduct club business or focus on serious business issues. You may have even built a clubhouse from cardboard and spare lumber when you were a kid, as I did. Regardless your group should consider finding a somewhat permanent location for your club to meet…a home.

Here at The Beacon Center, we know about clubs. Our owners, Becky and Gil Stonebarger have decades of experience in clubs and networking groups of all sorts. The Beacon Center started out as a home for a Networking group and Gil belonged to a very large club…the US Navy.  We stand ready to help your club settle into a permanent meeting place, a clubhouse of sorts. We have all of the basics you need to hold consistently successful meetings and you won’t have to gather cardboard and lumber to do it.

Simply visit our website and schedule a personal tour. You can even bring the “officers” of your Club and give everyone a peek at your new Club House.

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