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College Graduation – Time To Give Thanks

College GraduationOn Your Graduation Day – Give Thanks

Your College Graduation is coming up soon. You have worked and slaved for years. Three jobs, 9 student loans, a couple of scholarships and 50 gallons of Mountain Dew have helped get you here. But you did not do it alone. Not by a long shot. Professors, student aides, your roommate, friends, and family have all had a part in your accomplishments. Your college graduation party is as much about thanking others as it is about the relief you feel and the pride you carry. Give thanks to those who got you here.

An Inclusive Event

College graduation celebrations can run the gamut. From a swanky, polished and upscale affair to a beer bash in Mom’s backyard. The key to your celebration could be giving thanks. A little appreciation and thank you to all those who have been with you on your journey. Even if it was just a neighbor with some words of encouragement, this might be the last chance to tell them what they meant to you. Maybe your grandma wrote a check for books one semester that really helped you out, even though she is on a fixed income. This is your chance to make it about others before the real world comes calling. Consider inviting some of those “helpers” you had on your journey. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”] Your college graduation party is as much about thanking others as it is about the relief you feel and the pride you carry. [/tweet_box]

Have Some Fun

Make it about others, instead of you. People feel good when you thank them. They likely helped you with little regard for what they might gain. Now it’s time to give a little to them. Perhaps a small personalized gift, a slide show honoring those who played a part or just a very public thank you to them will create a lifelong memory. When the focus is on others, you will be the real winner. The fact that these people loved you and believed in you is all the gift you should need. This time, make it about them.

A Distraction-Free Celebration Venue

College Graduation parties can take many forms. There can be a myriad of themes employed. The party can be held virtually anywhere. If you chose to make the focus of the event on others, having a distraction-free environment is critical. You don’t want the event or the location to be a focal point, just the people you are giving thanks to. The Beacon Center should be your top choice. We have a neutral, professional space that can be used for nearly any theme or idea. We can help you say thanks to your friends and family before the real world comes calling at your door with our affordable packages. Please visit our website: The Beacon Center to schedule a personal tour or take a virtual tour and see if our center is right for your event.


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Holding your Graduation Celebration at The Beacon Center

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They may not be walking, but they still should be CELEBRATED!

It’s Time For A College Graduation Party

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