COVID-19 Business Lessons Learned

covid-19 business lessons learned photoWhat Have Businesses Learned From COVID-19

Has your business learned any important lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic? What changes have you already made? Are they realistic? These are just a handful of the beginning questions for all businesses, regardless of size. There WILL be a next time and we all must be prepared. It is up to the business community to review each of our operations and determine what can and should be done to protect our customers and employees. The same principles apply to those customers and employees in their private lives. Each of us must start by protecting ourselves in our private lives. In short, we all must adapt to this renewed threat. Yes, renewed. The threat of a COVID-19 type epidemic or pandemic has always been there. This is simply the first widespread occurrence in the new information age. The time to prepare is past and the time to adapt is here.

There Will Be Another “COVID-19”

Yes, you read that right, there WILL be another outbreak of a disease like COVID-19. It is time for all businesses, customers, and vendors to fully understand that this will happen again. In fact, the next time maybe worse. This is not meant to frighten or spread doom and gloom. What we are saying is that the time to confront the realities of an outbreak is now. Additionally, this is no time to sugar-coat things. This current pandemic could have been that “much worse” scenario. Simply put, we got lucky.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Has your business learned any important lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic?[/tweet_box]

Even with Social Distancing and Stay At Home orders, this virus could have been even deadlier and more contagious. Now the good news, any danger such as this can be mitigated and controlled. As this situation evolves, we will all learn new lessons, new procedures and new requirements for doing business. Your business has already implemented some COVID-19 related changes, guaranteed. IF your business is still open, you are forced to learn by trial and error. Others have some time to adjust before they reopen their doors.

Business Lessons Learned

As we all know, this is still an evolving situation for the entire world. New headlines, updates and news conferences occur several times each day. It is almost impossible to keep up. it can be bewildering trying to navigate all the policies and guidelines being published so frequently. I wanted to establish a couple of general ideas to get each of us thinking about the new changes we will need to manage in our businesses.

#1. Review your cleaning procedures in detail.  Here are some CDC issued, COVID-19 guidelines:

#2. Review and alter your sales or contract agreements. Sales cancellations are tough. Before the next occurrence, make sure your signed agreements take the new pandemic issues into account.

#3. Conduct an Inventory Review. Determine which of your daily supplies go quickly and may be hard to procure in an emergency. This can be resale items, cleaning products or PPE (personal protective equipment)

We know this is just a start. By beginning these basic reviews now, you can get a jump on your re-opening process and perhaps give you and your team something to focus on and plan for while we all wait.

The Beacon Center’s COVID-19 Plans

Just like you, The Beacon Center is busy making plans and changes to our operations to address this new COVID-19 threat. We have ordered hand sanitizer dispensers, touch-free faucets and upgraded our cleaning products. We are currently working on new business and rental policies as well. Since the owners Becky & Gil do much of the cleaning, you can be sure it will be thorough and frequent.  As new guidelines are issued, we will work diligently to implement them. We take the health and safety of our partners and customers very seriously. Rest assured The Beacon Center will be clean and ready to help with your meeting, training or rental venue needs.

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