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drop in celebrations photoDrop-In Celebrations – A Dream Come True For Introverts

Do you avoid crowds? Does a trip to the grocery store or Walmart fill you with anxiety? Me too. That is what led me to imagine a new way of gathering to celebrate: Drop-In Celebrations. What is a Drop-In Celebration you ask? Actually, many of us have practiced this already. Have you ever showed up to an event, just to make an appearance? You were a Drop-In visitor. Did you feel guilty for not sticking around? Of course you did, we have been trained to believe we need to stay through the end of a function to show our support or to be courteous.

To borrow a phrase: “That Was Then, This Is Now. In today’s post-COVID world, we are now being advised to avoid large gatherings, to limit our time if we do attend and practice proper hygienic precautions. Sounds like Drop-in Celebrations to me. It makes it pretty hard to throw a big, raucous celebration with people hanging out for hours.  So…just tell your attendees, right from the invitation to plan on limiting their attendance time. A Drop-In Celebration.

Drop-In, Mingle A Bit, and Go Home.

Drop-In Celebrations are not really new. It’s just that, as a society, it is time to embrace the idea that quality is better than quantity when it comes to attending celebrations, parties, or meetings. There are challenges of course. There will be less time for traditional party games, a need to rethink meals and refreshments to start with. We will also need to adapt our thinking concerning things such as gift openings, cake cuttings, and speeches by guests of honor. These things seem foreign to us now but we are an adaptable species and we can change old ways. Admit it, it would be nice to know you don’t have to spend 4 or 5 hours at a 1 yr old birthday party. Just drop in, say congratulations, put your gift on the table, and eat a cupcake. Then go home.

Drop-In, Celebrate for short while and leave. No guilt, no judgment. That is the heart of Drop-In Celebrations. As an Event Host, all you need do is inform your invitees that they are not expected to hang around or that short visits to the event are encouraged. Most people will silently thank you. It may even increase your overall attendance if people know they aren’t expected to spend hours at your event.

Drop-In Suggestions

Here at The Beacon Center we put our heads together and came up with a shortlist of suggestions to help you navigate Drop-In Celebrations:[tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”] Drop-In Celebrations are not really new. It’s just that, as a society, it is time to embrace the idea that quality is better than quantity when it comes to attending celebrations, parties, or meetings.[/tweet_box]

  •  Serve cupcakes instead of sheet or layer cakes – A Grab & Go sugar fix was never so easy.
  •  Include a schedule of activities with your invitations – Party starts at 1, the cake is cut at 2, gifts are opened at 3, the party ends at 5.
  •  Consider snack bags or boxed lunches for meals – Unless you are serving steak and salad, people will wait around for that.
  •  Adopt a BYOB stance – That open bar you were considering is just an excuse for folks to hang around as long as the booze holds out.

So, some of these are tongue-in-cheek, but you get the idea. When planning your event, simply put more focus on time-saving actions and decisions. By scheduling milestones in your event, the person who is on a diet now has a reason to show up right before 3. Rather than suffering through the temptation of cake cutting and eating.  The only limit to this idea is your creativity and your guests’ understanding.

The Perfect Drop-In Venue

The Beacon Center is the perfect choice for drop-in celebrations. With direct access to the parking area from our front doors, you can be in and out in minutes. An easy drop-in and slip-out situation for your guests to limit their attendance time. At The Beacon Center, we provide you with space and you fill it with your ideas and desires. Including giving your guests permission not to hang around too long. Simply visit our website, schedule a tour and you are on your way to a quicker, easier celebration experience.

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