Why Employee Gatherings Are More Important Then Ever

employee gathering photoEmployee Gatherings Must Go On

Employee gatherings enhance and encourage teamwork. It is as simple as that. Humans want the company of other humans. This fact applies to personal life, family life, and not least of all our professional lives. The need to interact and speak with another person is integral to all of our lives and the importance of those connections in the business world cannot be understated.  Despite the naysayers, we cannot remain isolated from each other for any reason. The outcome of isolation is a breakdown of the social contract. Our civilization is held together by the bonds we feel with other human beings. Those bonds are strengthened by employee gatherings, training sessions, and plain old employee celebrations. Without those bonds and the strengthening of them by gathering together, the connections fade or break and we become concerned with one human…Ourselves.

Gathering Your Employees Safely

We have established the need for a continued gathering of employees, in any environment. The climate for business is uncertain, but when isn’t it? We acknowledge it is much more difficult to gather your employees or even contractors together in groups these days. It isn’t just business, of course, your family and social lives are impacted as well. But, there are ways to accomplish this important tool for employee teamwork and cohesion.  Employee gatherings do not need to take long, they do not need to be detailed, in fact, you can gather your team together for nothing more than to say thanks and lay out a path for going forward. The key is not how you do it, it is the act of gathering employees together in one place for the social interaction that is key to maintaining teamwork.

Employees Like To Get Out

If you are excited and upbeat about going to work every day, you are a blessed individual. Kudos to you. For most of us, going to our job each day is a chore, there are other places we would rather be. When you finally get your team together, do it somewhere besides work. Get your people out to a neutral location where work is not peering over your shoulder, demanding attention during the event. Your people will remember the gathering, they will understand it is more than a 5-minute safety talk or handing out some attendance award in the breakroom. Find a venue away from the office or shop to have a gathering, your staff will love getting away from the office, a special occasion on its own.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Employee Gatherings Must Go On[/tweet_box]

Find somewhere centrally located, with easy in and easy out for employees. If you have a large group, perhaps split it into two events. You can always randomly assign attendance times to your staff, ensuring a mix of employees for each session. This breaks up those cliques that can develop in any group. It’s good to get the person who gets dirty together with the people that stay clean and wear nice shoes at work. You can gather your employees together in one place, it just takes a little planning, some creativity, and a location that gets people out of their comfort zones.

The Beacon Center Knows Employee Gatherings

So you need to get your people together, luckily for you, we established The Beacon Center for just that purpose. The Beacon Center is a clean, bright, and neutral venue for all types of gatherings. From employee training to celebrations or even new product rollouts, we have just the facility you need. In fact, we are so versatile, you can have an employee meeting in the morning and a wedding that night. A one-stop-shop for all your meeting and gathering needs. To get a look at this wonderful asset to the Las Vegas business & personal communities, just visit our website. While you are there, why not schedule an in-person tour? It will get you out of the office and we all like that a lot.
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