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Holiday Employment Interviews – An HR Nightmare

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Time For Holiday Employment Interviews

Another Holiday Season has arrived. On its heels is the dreaded Holiday Employment Interview Period. In some cases this period never ends, just the holiday changes. If you are an HR Professional charged with hiring additional staff, there is definitely a dampening of your Holiday spirit. Perhaps, you have gotten lucky and you just need a few replacements for the folks who have started back to school. Regardless, trying to get through all those applications, scheduling interviews without taking up weeks of your time, is a real challenge. Maybe it’s time to think about new recruiting and hiring methods for these trying times.

Interviewing Outside The Box

If you are like me, you have conducted dozens of employment interviews. You probably have a certain procedure or routine that you follow. It may be that your employer has a certain path you must follow. Whichever situation applies to you, there are likely several outside the box ideas that can make the hiring process more streamlined and less time-consuming. We have listed several here for you to consider: 

  •  Group Interviews – Yes, it is like a cattle call, but you can weed through all those applicants much more quickly
  •  Offsite Gathering – Rather than clog up your offices, book an outside venue to bring all those seeking employment to.
  •  Enlist the Hiring Managers – If a specific Department Manager has open positions, ask them to join you and cut straight to the bottom of that pile of applications.
  •  Hiring Fair – Combine the application, reference checks, and employment interviews into one process, all held on one day.

You can probably come up with several other ideas on your own. The most important issue is to make it simple for both you and the applicant to navigate the hiring process. Seasonal Employees are often only part-time or temporary, don’t short change the interview process though. One bad hire can ruin a holiday sales season. It also follows that great hire can be great for your bottom line in the end.

Offsite Employment Interviews – A Favorite

Here at The Beacon Center, we are big fans of off-site interviewing. Assuming you book us as your interviewing site. . .  Seriously, we have seen many times how the lack of distractions makes our facility THE place to conduct Employment Interviews. Get out of your office and away from the phone, the knocks on your door and the parade of current employees who come through your offices on a daily basis. We offer a clean, bright and positive environment that allows you to focus on each application without distractions.  This enables you to pick out the best candidates in an unrushed, relaxed environment. We invite you to book a free tour and discover the benefits of making our space your Employment Interview space. Year-round.

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