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Expectations vs reality photoWhat Did You Expect?

Expectations can be good or they can be bad. When an experience rises above what we expected we are thrilled, it’s like we got a bonus. When we expect a certain outcome from an experience we sometimes feel like we were cheated or lied to if there are problems. In many cases, we are wrong on both counts. In regards to renting a venue for a party, a meeting, or even just employee training we often expect perfection. Here is a tip for everyone reading this: Perfection Does Not Exist. It can’t exist due to the unending variety of ideas, wants, and desires that are inherent in all of us. We have a built-in bias to expect OUR experience to be outstanding when what we expect may not be achievable or realistic.

For example, you rent a venue for your use, and right before the event power goes out in a 10 block radius of the venue. Do you scream at the venue operator and accuse them of not caring about your event and demand they rent generators? Expectations vs. Reality.

How about renting the venue’s table cloths and when you arrive the color is not quite what you thought? Do you berate the owner, because they should have known it wasn’t the “right” pink color? Then again maybe you put a deposit down to hold a venue for your use months in the future. In the meantime, the local government imposes restrictions on businesses that affect your event. Do you blame the companies that now have no choice but to comply or realize they are people just like you and just like you, they are trying to survive and manage the calamity?  Expectations vs. Reality.

What Your Expectations Should Be

The first step should be to decide EXACTLY what your expectations are for your event. Perhaps the most important issue is making sure all of your expectations can be fulfilled by the venue itself. It’s hard to make someone satisfied when you don’t have the ability to do so in the first place. Reading the contract and any changes thoroughly before signing is critical as well. If you put a deposit down, verify under what conditions it can be refunded or if it is refundable at all. Understand the venue’s ability to provide what you expect in the very beginning. You also should have a little understanding of the basics of contracts before you sign any agreement, much less renting someone else’s property.

Managing your own expectations is imperative before expecting anyone else to live up to them. After all, we all see things a little differently and that is a good thing. Diversity of thought is positive until we begin believing we alone are right and everyone else is wrong. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Managing your own expectations is imperative before expecting anyone else to live up to them.[/tweet_box]

Expectations Vs. Reality When Renting – Why You Should Know The Difference

As we mentioned before, understanding your own expectations and then realizing they may be unreasonable in reality is the key. If your group has 8 food warmers plugged into one outlet, is it the venue’s fault if the breaker trips? You told the venue you would have 20 people in attendance and 45 show up, do you blame the venue if they only set up 20 chairs? You sign a contract and place a deposit to hold a space for 4 months in the future. Your guest of honor backs out 1 week before the event. Do you expect the owner to refund your deposit? Realize that the venue operator has probably turned down other rentals for the day and time you reserved. Now the owner cannot rent the space due to such short notice. Is that the owner’s fault?

The final point to make is that you signed a contract. It is up to YOU to verify and understand the details of what you are reading. By signing that contract you are agreeing to all the conditions set forth in that contract. If the paper you need to sign says the deposit is non-refundable for example, it truly is your own personal decision if that falls within your expectations. If it does not, then simply don’t sign. Find another venue for your event. But don’t expect the venue owner to damage themselves because you did not understand your own expectations.

The Beacon Center – An Oasis of Reality

We get it, you have a vision for your event. At The Beacon Center, we are all about making your vision a reality. From the first time you visit our website, you will see we are all about information, communication, and working together. We don’t just rent you a room, we delve deeper, asking you questions about your vision. Developing a rapport and with any luck a long-term relationship.

If you are looking for a facility that listens, asks questions, and focuses on your event give us a call. Better yet,  take a virtual tour and you will soon see why The Beacon Center is an oasis in a sea of confusion when renting venue space.

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