Free Meeting Space – A Treasure Hunt

By November 20th, 2019Venue Space Vegas

free meeting spaceMeeting for Free?

So you need to have a meeting and your budget is tight. Surely in a land with the right to assemble in its Constitution, there are places to assemble. Places that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Rest easy, there is the local park or the backroom of your local pub. Weather and noise you say? Well, nothing is really free.

Eureka! You Struck Meeting Room Gold.

Free meeting space is similar to panning for gold. Finding the mother lode is incredible, the effort to get to it is the real challenge. Once you do find it, it may not be quite what you thought. There can be hidden dangers and expenses you didn’t consider. Then there are the extra costs of getting equipment to the site, manpower to help you mine and even food/drink for your crew. Suddenly, the treasure chest is dwindling rather than filling. Treasure is never free. Neither is a place to hold an event or meeting.

These same challenges apply to a meeting space, regardless of what you are meeting for. Even in a free place such as the local park, you will incur costs, They may not be costs in terms of money, it may just be the loss in attendance or bad impressions that such a location can engender. You can bring it indoors to the air-conditioned back room of the local bar, right? Good point, now you can be cool in a noisy, crowded location. Is that really an upgrade?

Preparing For The Hunt

Trying to find a place to meet that is free can feel like a treasure hunt. You will spend a lot of time searching and you will likely come up empty. Free Meeting Space is indeed like a treasure, it may exist, but most people will never find it. That’s why there are so few full-time treasure hunters or gold miners. Instead, we all find jobs and make our money the old fashioned way, in business. We can and should still hunt for treasure, even when it comes to a place to gather your crew.

Just like a treasure hunt, you should do your research before you start on the journey. Location access, climate, tools & equipment should all be considered before choosing a place to mine or a place to meet:  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Free meeting space is similar to panning for gold. Finding the mother lode is incredible, the effort to get to it is the real challenge.[/tweet_box]

  • Where is it? Is the treasure (room) you seek in a place that is easy to get your people and equipment to?
  • What kind of gear will my people need? Is the climate of your room (mine) stable and comfortable?
  • What equipment will you need to bring? Are there resources at the site you can use (tables, chairs, sound system) without having to buy them?

You will likely need a local guide (the owner of the space) to help and guide you. Their experience and knowledge can be invaluable.

The Beacon Center Is Your Gold Mine

Our motto is “Make Our Space, Your space” and we willingly share our treasure. It isn’t free, but it is affordable. Best of all it is not a huge gamble or risk like treasure hunting. You will find our venue clean, comfortable and easy to find, unlike gold deposits. Tables and chairs, along with other items are included in your package price, so you won’t have to pay the guide a little extra to get you to the right spot.

If you are tired of the hunt and just want to focus on the gold, you will find it on our website: The Beacon Center, It is our version of an online gold mine. Just waiting for you to explore all the treasures waiting to be found.


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