Five Ways to Make a Difference During your Event

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Want To Make Difference?

The first question is not “Can I Make A Difference?” The first question should be, is it appropriate in this particular setting? If you are holding a business event, you may need to consider your audience and the particular message you may be sending. Is it relevant to your attendees? Does it fit with your business plan and value statement? If you want to make a difference, ANY difference, you need the buy-in of others. You won’t make much of a difference if people tune you out or worse, completely oppose your stance. There is nothing wrong with opposing viewpoints on any issue, as long as they are shared in a respectful, civil manner. Without mutual respect, your event can devolve into disagreements and hurt feelings. And that is not good for anyone, especially your business.

However, if you are hosting a social event, on the other hand, those business-related issues can become unimportant. You probably invited guests you know and like. So most likely they share your social views and concerns. In this case, there is obviously less chance for offending attendees.

Can I Make A Difference Without Alienating My Audience?

Perhaps your business is heavily involved in supporting a group, cause, or ideal. Yet, you are about to invite a broad range of attendees to your event. It may be a good idea to sit down and review your guest list, if possible. Determining whether your guests may hold differing views or values is the first step in avoiding alienating any of them with your message. It’s much easier to make a difference when you have others who are committed, around you. After all, you wouldn’t invite a cat lovers club to a dog training seminar.  You should be considerate of others before you plan your event. This will make it more likely to be well-received by all.  And no one walks away with hurt feelings or a poor opinion of you and your event.    [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Can I Make A Difference Without Alienating My Audience?[/tweet_box]

This does not mean you shouldn’t promote or support a cause with your event, it simply means being aware of your audience and adjusting your message. You can’t change hearts and minds without compassion. When you want to make a difference in people’s hearts and minds, you must begin by explaining the issue clearly and calmly.

5 Helpful Hints

Here at The Beacon Center, we have seen numerous types of fundraisers, political gatherings, and social awareness functions. Each of them designed to make a difference. In each case, they had a few things in common that contributed to their success.

  1.  Review your guest list and determine whether they are a proper audience for the message you intend to relay.
  2.  Keep presentations calm and neutral. Rallying a group to your cause is easier when all parties can peacefully share ideas. Yelling and strife accomplish little with the undecided.
  3.  Have information sheets or booklets handy that explain your idea or cause.
  4.  Avoid covering the space in wall to wall posters, banners, or signs. No one likes to be bombarded by propaganda or have anything forced on them. Keep things low key and informational.
  5.  Warn them. When your guests understand what to expect at your event, you give them the chance to decide or open their minds before they ever walk in the door of your event.

The Beacon Center can make a difference in your bottom line. We have the most flexible and affordable meeting/party space in the valley.  All you need to do to see the difference between us and the competition is to set up a personal tour. We are confident that we can help you get your message out there and start making a difference.

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