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Making Your Graduation Party Memorable

GraduationCongrats, It’s Over!

You did it, you finally did it, your Graduation is here.  Graduates have big dreams of what comes next.  However, before you move on, one of the great things about graduating is the party to celebrate the achievement. It’s time to plan your big, over the top bash. Ok, so it’s just a few friends and family, but it is a big deal nonetheless.

Having a graduation party helps you truly remember this stepping stone in life. The memories will fade all too soon, as you prepare to enter the world of jobs, bills and just plain living. You can make it memorable and last for a lifetime with a little planning and ingenuity.

Simple Tips for a Memorable Graduation Party (or not)

At The Beacon Center, we have seen all kinds of ideas that graduates have used during their graduation party.  We thought it would be fun to offer some tips on what NOT to do at your graduation party.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]What NOT to do at your graduation party[/tweet_box]

  • Include A Go Fund Me link on your party invites: Maybe we can just skip the invites…and the party. Just donate direct. Do you KNOW what college costs these days?
  • Post Graduate Photos Around the Party Venue: Actually these are fine, just make sure none of the ones from your last spring break get in there
  • Pot Luck Food: This is an especially bad idea if you went to college in a foreign land…..your Aunt’s egg salad does NOT travel well.
  • Hosting a Game of  “Who has a spare room, now that I’m out of the Dorm?” : Make sure you specify FREE before the game begins. It eliminates that awkwardness when you show up at the winner’s door with all your worldly possessions.
  •  Spiking the punch bowl: Then again, remember that Go Fund Me Account idea? Uncle Mike is VERY generous when he has been drinking…..

Now. . . about that Graduate Degree

In a fast-changing world, making memories last is key. If you do use some of our tips above, your party will certainly be memorable. Who knows, maybe you can roll them back out at your wedding reception, you will REALLY need a Go Fund Me account then! Our venue is the perfect spot to try out all your party ideas, good and bad. When you reserve our space for your event, you can be sure the party will be remembered.

From The Beacon Center to You – Congratulations on a Job Well Done!


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College Graduation – Time To Give Thanks

Holding your Graduation Celebration at The Beacon Center

Simple Tips for a Fun Graduation Party for your Graduate

They may not be walking, but they still should be CELEBRATED!

It’s Time For A College Graduation Party

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