Mourning Loss after the Corona Virus

Mourning Loss PhotoMourning Loss In A New Environment

Some believe that many ordinary, traditional methods of mourning loss are over. Large funerals with parades of cars and a full cathedral are likely out. Even graveside services may see an impact from the Corona Virus. We may be on the cusp of a much smaller and more personal celebration of a life lost becoming the new normal. What that will look like is anyone’s guess. No doubt, funerals will never disappear entirely, but Celebrations of Life seem to be the trend and an era of pandemics may hasten that change.

How To Mourn Loss

You have dozens of friends, a large family, and was active in the community. When your time finally comes, a lot of those folks will be sad. Most will want to fete you and celebrate your impact on their lives. The question becomes how to accommodate all these folks who want to say goodbye in some manner. A huge gathering is not a good plan these days. Similarly, you may not want to hold a celebration in the backroom of a crowded bar or restaurant. Loss is personal and mourning is as well. It might be a good idea to limit attendees or better yet…control the flow of mourners. If you can spread the visitations out, in a safe controlled environment, it can be easy to manage.

Mourning Loss In Small Groups

Gatherings of humans are as natural as flocks of birds or schools of fish, though for different reasons. In the case of mourning a loss, the need to gather overrides the risk. But you can control that risk. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you navigate mourning a loss:  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Here are a couple of suggestions to help you navigate mourning a loss:[/tweet_box]

#1. Pick a private venue. Somewhere that only those invited will be present.

#2. Check the cleaning policies, staffing, and other exposure risks at whatever venue you choose.

#3. Invite friends and family, but keep the list smaller and consider scheduling windows of time for those wishing to attend.

Social Distancing is the buzz phrase right now. Even if you allow your mourners to all attend a Celebration of Life at once you can still monitor them according to current guidelines. Do not be afraid to turn someone away or require them to wear a mask and gloves. It is not rude, it is considerate of other attendees.

The Beacon Center Is Ready When You Are

If you are mourning a loss, we understand. We also understand your concern and confusion. Whether it is a Celebration Of Life, a Wedding Reception, or a Team Training Meeting, we are ready to help. We have a private, clean, and open venue space for your gatherings. There are separate men’s and women’s restrooms, easy to clean hard surfaces throughout and we can help you figure out room layouts and processes to monitor your attendees and ensure everyone gathers safely. We can arrange for a no-contact, in-person tour, take a virtual tour on our website, or even ask about touring the venue on your own, while our owner guides you on the phone.Book Now Button


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