What is a Network Marketing Orphan?

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Are you an Orphan or do you run an Orphanage instead of a business?

Only a handful of people can tell you what a Network Marketing Orphan is. How do you know if you are running an Orphanage? According to Entrepreneur Magazine, an “orphan” is a downline sales person who is recruited into your line and then ignored in terms of training, motivation, and direction. The article goes on to state: You should be prepared to spend at least 30 days helping a new person come into the industry–training them, supporting them and holding their hand until they feel confident to be able to go off on their own.

I don’t want to be a Foster Parent either.

As a Leader or Manager, you WILL get distracted. You will hold meetings, send emails, beat the bushes for your own sales and become exasperated with some of your downline. They just aren’t ringing up the numbers that you are sure they are capable of. So what is wrong? Why are my downline not motivated or capable of bringing in the dollars?

As Entrepreneur Magazine made clear, the first 30 days is critical to onboarding your new recruit and getting them off to a successful start. Maybe you did just that. Then again, just starting them off isn’t enough. Just as you look to Senior Directors or Executives in the upper echelons of the organization, your downline looks to YOU for guidance and advice, long after “training.”

On the flip side, you also don’t want those below you to depend on you for all the answers or all of the blame. You may have a couple of children, you don’t want to supply foster care for adults.

This is really about long-term relationship building.

It’s not about just bringing people into the business and just moving forward. It’s about working with these people and helping them to develop relationships. Relationships with you, with each other and most certainly with customers. That is the true essence of network marketing. Directly selling to your customer is what Network Marketing is all about after all.  There is really no substitute for good relationships. Just as your customers depend on you, you must depend on those in your downline.

As we pointed out in our blog, Is Living Distracted Here to Stay?  distractions are all around us. To be a successful leader, you need to be able to limit the distractions your team faces. At least for the time, you can actually bring them together. When you do get the chance, make the most of it by having your meeting at The Beacon Center, we are experts at providing just the distraction free, quiet environment you need, to turn your “orphans” into Family


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