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Las Vegas – Off The Strip Business

Off the Strip Business photoBusinesses Do Exist Off  The Strip In Las Vegas

If you did not live in Las Vegas you might think the city begins and ends at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. On the other end is Fremont Street as sort of the tail of the beast. Every national ad, every conference or event automatically heads to that long, thin piece of real estate. The real hidden gems of Las Vegas exist outside of that thin boundary….the Real Las Vegas. The Las Vegas metro area is actually quite large and diverse. Businesses range from Ocean Spray to Renewable Energy to Ethel M Chocolate. The variety of businesses conducted off-strip is amazing. You can literally find anything you want or need, right in our little valley.

Why Do Business Off The Strip?

As we noted, everyone seems to head to the strip when they think of doing business. Every entrepreneur dreams of landing a big casino contract or establishing themselves as a player “on the strip”. In reality, there are just as many opportunities out in the general community off the strip as there are along the casino corridor. Whether the business is small or large, hi-tech or low, they all have needs and the smart business pursues those unflashy opportunities. Fortunes have been made throughout history simply selling toilet paper and towels. Everyone needs something and the majority of those needing something are away from the Strip. 

Look Beyond The Strip First

Whether you are booking a meeting space, holding a conference or selling cleaning products, look beyond the strip. There is a reason those casinos and resorts are huge, glittery jewels. They are designed to entice you and distract you. Nothing wrong with that as a vacation, but as a business practice it can be problematic. You do not need the Strip for your business to be successful and operate profitably. Most things cost less the further you get away from the casino corridor. It costs a lot of money to operate there and the costs reflect that. Not only can you save money, but you can also avoid the distractions and challenges of the mayhem that comes with the entertainment areas.

So, whether you are a seller or a buyer, look off the strip first. Those giant casinos will still be there and more are being added regularly. Once you have yourself established in the “real world” of Las Vegas, you can start eyeing those glittering jewels along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Best Off-Strip Meetings

One good way to start the move away from the casinos is to schedule your next meeting, event or party at The Beacon Center. Located a few blocks from the strip and near the Orleans Casino, we are far enough away to be affordable and close enough to be convenient. Come take a tour or visit our website and see how we can help you move away from the high costs of the Strip.

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