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A Business With Open Arms

Open arms photoDoes Your Business Have Open Arms?

Do you welcome ALL customers? Perhaps that is too much of an open-ended question. Does your business turn away customers or do you have open arms? In the old days, you might have seen: “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” on the door of your local store. It would seem that we have moved on from such stringent requirements to do business with someone. There is a hint of intolerance in that idea, which is no longer accepted by the majority of our society. Does your business still have that sign on your door? Even if in spirit only?

Money Is Green, Love is Love

Ok, so it’s really multicolor these days, but you get the idea.  We all use and earn the same currency, the US Dollar. In fact, most of the world conduct commerce using our greenbacks. It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, where you live or how much you earn. We all use the same money. So why would you turn away any customer? There have been several cases in recent years that pertain to business owners refusing to do work for another person. I will not delve into the particulars of why, but it seems to me to be a very shortsighted move. We all have our personal beliefs. We are each entitled to hold those beliefs. Many times, our beliefs are also wrong.  I will just say this: Love is Love, and it should be respected. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Do you welcome ALL customers?[/tweet_box]

Put Aside Old Ideas

Throughout history, there have been many beliefs and ideas who have come and gone. The idea of denying service to someone, based upon what they believe or who they love is not only intolerant, it is bad for business. This is not to make light of anyone’s struggles or beliefs. I only point out that ultimately we are all human beings. The rest is just window dressing. If a customer comes to you with what is a reasonable request, your personal beliefs truly should remain that: Personal Beliefs. Unless they are breaking the law, their money is green, just like the cash in your own pocket.

Maybe it is time for all of us to put aside our old beliefs and see Love for what it is, the most powerful force on earth. It really doesn’t matter what form that love takes or who practices it. It’s still Love and we should all respect that.

The Beacon Center – Open Arms For Everyone

I wrote this article with some trepidation. There was a chance I would risk alienating a reader or two. I also risked using the wrong words or terminology. Ultimately the idea of love, acceptance and extending those virtues to the small business world was worth the risk. The Beacon Center strives to see each customer identically, with respect and acceptance with open arms.  As long as the event you are planning is legal, you are welcome in our venue. No exceptions.

If you are looking for a truly accepting and open environment to hold your event, look no further. Please visit our website and book a tour. Come spend some time with our owner, Becky Stonebarger and discover how you can feel the love also

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Becky Stonebarger

The Beacon Center is the collaborative effort of Husband and Wife team, Gil & Becky Stonebarger. Becky is the mastermind and driving force behind the Center, with Gil supporting her every step of the way. With over 50 yrs of combined experience in Hospitality, Becky & Gil finally realized their dream of an affordable, inspiring space for Businesses and Individuals alike to meet, train or just party. Becky has owned several businesses through the years and is very proud of her degree in Casino Management and is currently working on her Event Planning degree as well. Gil is a US Navy Veteran who has managed hospitality operations across the country for over 30 yrs. They have been happily married for over 30 yrs, have two daughters and two grandchildren.

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