Why Not Outsource Your Business Meetings and Training Space Needs?

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Choose an Hourly Venue to Bring Business Back to the Table

Yes! Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are great ways to build teams, host online meetings and create synergy abroad. Many managers would argue however that the table is still the best place to mastermind success. We will focus on methods to bring meetings back to the table, with venue space rented by the hour. Outsourcing has become a way of life for many businesses, why not outsource your business meetings and training space needs?   Packing your team members into that tiny breakroom in the back is not comfortable and really bothers people trying to eat their lunch. Experience has shown the benefits of getting your staff together.  What many employers overlook is the environment and comfort for their employees to learn and discuss.

Hosting Employee Training and Orientations

Many training meetings occur in the break room or in a back room. This is not the ideal venue for teaching new hires or retraining current staff. As you think about bringing meetings back to the table, consider doing employee orientations and training at an affordable venue such as The Beacon Center, where you can be creative and have undivided attention.  There are many benefits to bringing your training sessions to a facility that is ready to serve the needs and offers a top-notch experience at an affordable price. Spread out at the tables, neatly organized with pens and notepads, with no business or personal distractions. Your presentation can then be the center of attention to teach and motivate your new staff to do their very best.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Why not outsource your business meetings and training space needs?[/tweet_box]

Sales Meetings that feel like a Treat

Most companies have sales meetings at the office right? I’m sure the reader has some memorable experiences with all types of meetings being held in strange places.  In a furniture store, for example, a sales meeting may be handled in one of the bedroom displays or behind the desk at the front. Insurance companies have tiny office space for agents to squeeze into for sales meetings. Bringing your sales team into a venue where they can be relaxed and focused will result in motivated representatives selling your service or product with renewed vigor.

Your Sales Team is the lifeblood of your organization. Putting on a sales meeting with exciting incentives, in an open and inviting location helps boost satisfaction and will likely result in increased sales numbers. Set the table and serve them well. Your sales team will appreciate the effort.

The Importance of a Trusted Venue Space

Choosing a venue space for your corporate meetings, training or even celebration parties is just as important as actually conducting them. There are lots of options for meeting space. Restaurant, bars, expensive day office rentals in swanky office buildings or even the local senior center. What do each of those choices say about your business?  At The Beacon Center, we believe in affordability, service, and trust.  Come and take a look at the new trend in business meeting space. We invite you to make an appointment for a tour.



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