Overcoming Your Business Fears

Business fears photoYour Business Fears Can Be Overcome

Everyone is afraid of something. These days it’s viruses, masks, and lockdowns. In years past it was global warming or peak oil. If you watch closely there is always some fear actually being promoted by media, celebrities, and politicians. It’s simple if you have something to fear you will either spend money to protect against it or you will give up some measure of freedom for the imagined safety from whatever is being promoted. Overcoming those fears can be a real challenge. This is equally true for business fears as it is your personal fears.

The first step is to attempt to confirm the current fear facing your business. Is it substantive or exaggerated? Basically, is it a real problem or just something to be aware of? Once you are confident in your assessment of the issue and its impact on your operation, you can then decide which actions are warranted.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Everyone is afraid of something. [/tweet_box]

Confront Your Business Fears With Facts

As we stated, the first step is to determine if your business fears are real or realistic. In order to overcome or deal with fears in your business, deciding what level of risk they represent is crucial. Are you being a chicken little or is the sky really falling? The best way to make that decision is after gathering and reviewing some facts as they relate to your operation. Here are a couple of examples of fears that can be easily overblown:

  • Rumors swirl that local taxes will be increased by 50% in the near future. – Rather than scrambling to possibly move your business two states over, perhaps you could contact your local political representatives and ask them. Join a Chamber of Commerce or other business association in your area. If you team up with other businesses and they DO try to raise taxes, you can be part of an effort to fight it.
  • A news article states Starbucks is opening a store on the opposite side of the street from your coffee shop. Before you decide to change to a pizza place, perhaps do a little checking with Starbucks itself to determine if the risk is really in the cards or if it was just wishful thinking by the reporter whose apartment is right behind the “new” Starbucks location.

We have simplified these potential business fears, but they do give you an idea of the things that can take hold and become fact when they are only potential issues. Your reaction should be determined by the level or probability of risk. Just because something could happen, does not mean it WILL.

Research, Research, Research

Far too often business fears are based on feelings rather than facts. A new 5,000 employee factory is opening on the same side of the street where the possible Starbucks location we mentioned is at. It is possible your coffee shop will get more than enough additional business from that opening to offset what Starbucks will gain. Besides, your coffee and staff are really good. Different strokes (or coffee) for different folks. So a competitor can actually be a positive sign for business volume in a certain location.

Taxes will definitely rise in your business. But if you do your research into the true need for the tax and the proposed methods of implementation, you and your Chamber will be better prepared to fight against the increase or at least minimize it. A business fear then becomes a business catalyst. Facts should always trump feelings or fears in a business environment.

Have No Fear, The Beacon Center Is Here For You

There is one thing you don’t have to worry about, finding venue rental space for your business in Las Vegas. Whether you need to mount a political campaign to fight taxes and need space to stuff envelopes, we are here. If you need a venue for your marketing team to meet and plan your next sales blitz, we are the place for you. We always operate on facts, but we understand those fears you have about your business… we have been there. All you have to do is visit our website or give us a call and we will show you how easy it is to book a place to help you operate fearlessly.

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