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Are Packages Really A Good Value?

PackagesValue Packages – But Wait There’s More!

It can all be so confusing. Whether you are trying to arrange a staff meeting or a Birthday party, making sure you have all of your needs covered can be daunting. Enter the “package plan”, a widespread practice of combining the expenses of an event or purchase of any kind into a bundled price. Package Deals, you’ve seen and heard of them for a long time now. How many of you have heard the words: But wait, there’s more?  Packaging different options for purchase into a one for all pricing structure certainly makes things easier and cheaper. A package deal is most familiar to us in automobile purchases.

It would be very cumbersome and expensive to pay for each option on your car, rather than have them included in a package price. Most people want the common items included in their cars anyway, so manufacturers just started installing them on all the cars they make. It lowers costs for the car manufacturer and in the end, the practice saves all of us money. The best part? You get a much cooler and enjoyable car for one set price.

What’s In The Package?

The key to package prices or “deals” is what they include in said package. We will use a car purchase as our example in this case. Ask yourself, do I want a car without AC? How about crank-down windows? Manual locks? No radio? Of course not, at least for the vast majority of us. So, it’s a given that it makes sense for manufacturers to include all those features in the manufacturing process of nearly every vehicle. This gives you a better product, allows the manufacturer to better plan their processes and in the end, it is certainly more cost-effective. This also applies to houses, appliances, and even a trip to McDonald’s – Value Meals anyone? Sure you can just order a Big Mac but going without fries and a drink is a real sacrifice. Ok, we are stretching things but you get the idea.

Imagine just buying the burger one ingredient at a time. Not very effective for anyone. Too time-consuming, too labor-intensive and both of those factors will affect the final price you pay.

It Just Makes Thing Simpler

Let’s face it, life is complicated. It’s busy and we all run at a breakneck pace each day. With packages, purchases are greatly simplified for the consumer. You were likely going to order all the things included in the package so why not cut out all the time and effort and pay one price? Are packages always a good value? It is if it includes all the options you would likely purchase anyway. Not to mention it gives you the excuse to splurge a little or get something you really, really want. After all, it was included in the “package”.

So we are having a little fun there, but the idea of value is indeed in the eye of the consumer. If you believe it is a good deal, then it is a good deal. See how that works? You are ultimately the judge of good value or not good value.

The Beacon Center Knows The Value Of Your Time

We learned long ago that there are certain things that all people want when planning an event at a venue. Every event we booked seemed to always ask for the same features or activities. We spent a lot of our time and our customer’s time repeating the same sales pitch or setting up the same amenities for nearly every guest. At the end of the reservation process, there was often a shock at the total price and we would then spend more of our customer’s time picking and choosing amenities to fit their budget. A frustrating process for us and our customers. We decided to change that.

Out of our desire to better serve our customers, our venue rental packages were born. We actually sat down and went through hundreds of reservations for events we had hosted for several years. Next, we figured out the items that were most requested. Using that info we calculated what those common requests cost our customers as well as our expense for it. We discovered most rentals included the same items and ended up at the same total cost. We simply took the average of what our renters eventually paid for those most wanted amenities, what the value & cost of those amenities were to us, and came up with our one-price packages.  If you would like to discover the value of our venue rental packages simply go to our website or give us a call.

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Becky Stonebarger

The Beacon Center is the collaborative effort of Husband and Wife team, Gil & Becky Stonebarger. Becky is the mastermind and driving force behind the Center, with Gil supporting her every step of the way. With over 50 yrs of combined experience in Hospitality, Becky & Gil finally realized their dream of an affordable, inspiring space for Businesses and Individuals alike to meet, train or just party. Becky has owned several businesses through the years and is very proud of her degree in Casino Management and is currently working on her Event Planning degree as well. Gil is a US Navy Veteran who has managed hospitality operations across the country for over 30 yrs. They have been happily married for over 30 yrs, have two daughters and two grandchildren.

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