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Top 10 Most Popular Days of the Year for Proposals

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Proposals, Engagements and Weddings, Oh My

You have found your soulmate. That person who knows you better than you know yourself. You have watched all the Hallmark movies on Direct TV and you think you understand how to propose to your significant other. You have been wrapped up in deciding where to propose, settling on the site of your first kiss1. . .  The manner of your proposal is no less daunting. You want it to be special, memorable, something to make everyone you tell swoon with romantic emotions. Now, the real biggie, the thing you will remember all your life. . . a date to propose. This will be a toughie as it needs to match the place and way in which you propose to have the most romantic impact on your husband or bride to be. It is a date that you and your future spouse will remember almost as well as the wedding day.

The Day The Work Begins

As soon as you propose matrimony to someone your whole life and focus changes. Assuming your mate says yes, you now start planning for one of the most important days in your life. . . your wedding. In reality, for some people, that planning started when they were 9 yrs old. Regardless, If the question “when do most people get engaged?” has been burning in your mind, here are the Top 10 most popular days of the year for proposals per Wedding Wire

#10 The Saturday Before Valentine’s Day

Turns out that many couples can’t wait until Valentine’s Day to get engaged—or perhaps it’s all about catching the ring recipient off-guard. The feeling may be that proposing on Valentine’s Day is a bit “obvious,” so popping the question the Saturday before adds an element of surprise.

#9 The Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is known to many as the official start of summer, so it’s no wonder that it’s also a popular time for proposals. And by popping the question near the start of this long holiday weekend, couples have a few extra days to celebrate with family and friends.

#8 Fourth of July (Independence Day)     [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Top 10 most popular days of the year for proposals[/tweet_box]

This is one of the only holidays on the list of the most popular days to get engaged that’s not in the November through February timeframe—but it’s easy to see why the Fourth of July is a great day to pop the question. Most people have off from work on Independence Day and it’s a popular time for vacations and travel.

#7 Two Saturdays Before Christmas Eve

Once again, couples can’t always wait until the big holidays to pop the question. During the holiday shopping season, many proposers are buying engagement rings—and we all know how hard it is to keep that purchase a secret!

#6 December 23rd

When answering the question “when do most people get engaged?”, it shouldn’t be super-surprising that the day before Christmas Eve is one of the most popular days to get engaged. Many couples want to kick off Christmastime on a joyful note, and a proposal is certainly one of the best ways to do just that!

#5 New Year’s Eve

With so many New Year’s Eve parties, it’s no wonder that many proposals occur on this day. People usually spend New Year’s Eve surrounded by friends or family members, so an engagement adds to the already festive mood!

#4 New Year’s Day

When do most people get engaged? It seems that holidays centered around celebrating and joy are most popular—and of course, New Year’s Day is no exception. Technically, any proposal that occurs at or right after midnight constitutes a New Year’s Day engagement—and we know that many couples like to kick off the new year right, with a smooch and a proposal!

Drum Roll Please……..

Here are the Top 3:

#3 Christmas Eve

Some families exchange gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day, so it seems logical that many proposals occur on this day as well. Also, Christmas Eve dinner is often a special occasion, so a proposal before, during, or after this meal adds to the joyful, holiday feeling.

#2 Valentine’s Day

The second most popular day to get engaged, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s all about love. And we must admit, receiving a ring sure beats a box of chocolates or bouquet of red roses, doesn’t it?

#1 Christmas Day

There is a clear winner for the most popular day to get engaged—and it’s easy to see why. Of course, Christmas Day is one of the most celebratory times of the year when most people are off of work, plus it’s primetime for gift-giving. Further, most couples are already spending time with loved ones on Christmas so it’s easy to gather family members and friends for a post-proposal celebration.

You Proposed, They Said Yes…Now What?

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