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Private Graduation Ceremonies – The New Normal?

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Private vs Public Graduation Events

Have you considered a Private Graduation? The world has changed. Large gatherings such as Graduations are discouraged and in some areas simply banned. Things may eventually return to what we used to call “normal”, but it won’t be anytime soon. With that said you or your loved one put a lot of work into your education, you deserve to be acknowledged. One of the ways to accomplish that today is a Private Graduation. It’s simple really, invite family and friends to your very own private graduation ceremony. Maybe even team up with a couple of fellow students and split the costs. Let’s face it, at the mass graduation ceremonies most of us only have a small group cheering us on anyway. Why not do it in a more intimate setting with fewer bodies around?

Graduation In Private

Ok, so not entirely private, you may want family and friends there. Maybe you even have a teacher or two you want to thank and recognize for their influence. Sure, at a mass graduation event there are hundreds cheering for you and at a private graduation, it will be a little quieter. It will also be a lot less crowded, a lot easier to find a seat, and much safer from a public health standpoint. We would venture to say that is a pretty good trade. You can even combine your private graduation ceremony with the party you know you want to have, later, in the same place.

Speaking of place, where can you hold your private graduation? Your house? You could but that would mean a lot of cleaning and if it is a joint ceremony with other students…lot’s of traffic in a small space. You could hold it at a bar…unless you are in high school. You could hold it in a restaurant or outside. We have a better idea.

Rent A Venue

Even if you and several other graduating friends hold a joint private graduation ceremony, you can still invite a sizable number of people. What about social distancing you ask? Your best bet is to rent a venue for your Private Graduation with room for 50-80 people. You can each invite at least 15 people. Were you really going to have more than that at the mass graduation? This way you can spend some time with each guest instead of a quick nod as you are swept away by the crowds leaving the mass graduations we are used to. Think about it this way, your graduating class maybe 1000, but your grandparents class was probably less than 100. If it was good for them, it can be good for you. Memories last in direct correlation to the time invested in that memory.

Make Our Space Your Graduation Space

The Beacon Center is perfect for your private graduation ceremony. With space for up to 80, you will have plenty of space for guests and all those graduation gifts. You can conduct your own cap and gown procession and even live stream it to those who couldn’t make it. Our package pricing makes it affordable and if you share with a couple of other graduates it becomes even easier. Simply visit our website, learn what our venue has to offer and then book a free tour. We know Graduation is a big accomplishment and The Beacon Center would love to help you celebrate it.

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