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Production and Planning Meetings PhotoProduction and Planning Meetings ARE Essential

Production and Planning meetings are critical to most small businesses. From Lawyer’s offices to numerous sub-contractors these weekly or bi-weekly meetings are what keeps your small business on track. Without them, you would have a tough time keeping all of your projects and deadlines straight. No matter whether you are planning the production of face masks or simply having a weekly business strategy session. Production and planning meetings are truly essential to your daily operation and indeed, your overall success. You used to have them in the breakroom, sometimes the small conference room that the Sales Dept uses to meet clients. Not any longer…Social Distancing or “personal space” is the rule of the day.

We Used To Call It “Personal Space”

You would be hard-pressed to hold a production meeting or planning session in your offices or shop at present. Wanting to have some elbow room in the gatherings of people has always been desirable. No one wants to be packed in like a sardine, anywhere. Yes, many of us more experienced business people remember the phrase personal space. Heck, where do you think the drive for “office cubicles” originated? Did you really think those 12 construction and project managers actually liked smelling each others’ aftershave, first thing in the morning? It is tough to review a construction schedule when the guy next to you bathed in Old Spice. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]You would be hard-pressed to hold a production meeting or planning session in your offices or shop at present.[/tweet_box]

Outsourcing Your Planning/Production Meeting Space Needs

It is a story as old as business. NO SPACE. Whether you are trying to store office supplies or holding a meeting planning the construction of a $10,000,000 project, your offices are likely way too small. After all, you already gather the crew out in the yard just to celebrate a work anniversary. What you really need is a space that everyone can be comfortable in. A space that is cool, quiet, and clean. A perfect place for your group to gather and plan your firm’s success. In today’s business climate you need every inch of space for the production of a product or staff work activities. Empty meeting space, sitting unproductively for most of the week is just a waste.

The Beacon Center Has Your Elbow Room

We just happen to have a professional, private setting for your production or planning meeting needs. Our bright, clean and neutrally decorated venue is perfect for distraction-free gatherings. You have a lot of information to disseminate to your sales or production staff. You can simply make our space, your space. We designed and opened The Beacon Center as a prime venue space for business training, meetings, and more. Visit our website to take a  virtual tour or request an in-person tour and to learn more about the “elbow room” we can offer your business.

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