Are Smaller Events The New Normal?

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Will Smaller Events Be A Continuing Trend?

Bigger is better, right? With bigger meals, bigger soft drinks, bigger cars, our society certainly enjoys supersizing everything. The times they are a-changin’, whether being ordered to reduce event size or just trying to be good stewards of resources, Smaller Events are back. It seems that every venue in America is struggling with attendance challenges. It is likely that as time progresses those larger venues will begin to turn around, but you can be sure there will be adjustments and reductions.

Yes, there is a continual move towards getting together at much smaller events today. The question is, can huge gatherings of people or huge facilities survive in the meantime? Is bigger really better when it comes to getting people together?  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Smaller Events are back. It seems that every venue in America is struggling with attendance challenges.[/tweet_box]

Are Smaller Events Better?

Ever been to a wedding or party with hundreds of guests? Not exactly a “small event”. Are you uncomfortable around hundreds of strangers? Most of us are not, we are often more secure with a small group of people that we share a common bond with. The word “Tribe” comes to mind. We are prewired for small units of humans. In fact, even most larger churches have realized that “small groups” are much more conducive to learning, sharing, and fellowship. Much better than trying to reach one of the thousands of hearts in a huge auditorium for an hour or two on a Sunday.

Even after all those huge stadiums, conference centers, and hotel ballrooms begin to fill, they will likely be on a reduced scale. There are a need and a desire to conduct large events, regardless of our current challenges. Yet, this trend to smaller gatherings is here to stay. Communication and information flow more freely in a small group and the world today is all about communication and information sharing.

Getting Better By Not Going Bigger

It is far easier to disseminate information to a smaller group of people. It is simple logistics. It is also easier to assemble smaller groups & events. No need for expensive, expansive spaces when you are communicating on a more personal level. It will cost less in terms of manpower, materials, and event venue rental costs, as well.  Not to mention your attendees will FEEL that intimacy, that closer connection to you, your company, and the other attendees. You just need to think smaller in terms of space and bigger in terms of personal connection. The world can become a much smaller place when we try to affect change on a smaller, more personal scale.

The Beacon Center Can Be Your Home For Smaller Events

We began The Beacon Center with the idea that people prefer to meet in smaller groups. More conducive to sharing, information distribution, and connections, whether professional or personal. We went small on purpose. Are you tired of huge networking events, mega parties, and cavernous convention spaces? Learn what The Beacon Center can offer your group, book a tour, or visit our website. When your goal is to reach the individual, to experience a more personal feeling event, The Beacon Center is your home venue rentals.

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