Inexpensive Meeting Solutions for Small, Mobile and Startup Businesses

The Beacon Center Room PhotoOur Breakroom is Just Fine for a Meeting

Is it? Is it really fine? There are 1000’s of small business in the Las Vegas and more are being started daily. These small businesses range from startups to mobile to firmly established. We understand that everyone starts small, but with hard work and a bit of luck you won’t stay small. As you grow, meeting space begins to come at a premium.  In fact, you may not even have an office any longer if more space is needed or you can only afford to rent just the office. Regardless of where you are in the life of your business, space always seems to be the hardest word. Getting more space at a cheap price is even harder.

Are you or your staff still meeting in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants? Are you renting from the expensive short-term office rental companies? How about a weekly sit down with your staff in your kitchen at home or in the room you rent at the local senior center…where the residents resent you being in their space? All of these work, likely none of them work well. We would suggest you look closely at your meeting, sales and celebration spaces. Then take a look at our venue and see what you have been missing.

Here are some examples of companies that would greatly benefit from having meetings & functions in our facility at The Beacon Center. Be sure to book a tour if you would like to learn more. 

Cleaning Companies

If you own or operate a cleaning company, your office probably consists of a closet-size room or a vehicle. We understand that mobile businesses are always on the move. Trying to pull together the ideal employee meeting probably is nerve-racking.

Transportation Companies

Cab, bus, and car rental companies especially need a space to stretch out and bring their drivers & staff together.  Company owners will often call their crew to the coffee shop for a “pow pow” on the events of the day.

Sub Contractors

Plumbing, Painting, Electrical, Pest Control, Construction you name it, your business is to build, repair, maintain or replace. The space you have to house workers, supplies, support staff etc leaves no space for meetings, training or employee celebrations. Where are you holding production meetings? What is it costing you?

Pop Up Stores

Which is better, an old storefront with half the lights working and no restroom or a clean, professional venue with two restrooms, audiovisual and all the tables and chairs your vendors may need?


Whether you are in favor or not, marijuana dispensaries are here to stay. Many of their fellow businesses will not work with them. Often, it is hard to even find a bank to handle your business. A private, welcoming and safe space to meet, train or just discuss is right around the corner at The Beacon Center

We would love to meet you.

At The Beacon Center, we are an affordable resource for spacious meetings and events of all types. We are equal opportunity company that welcomes businesses and individuals from all professions and walks of life.

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Becky Stonebarger

About Becky Stonebarger

The Beacon Center is the collaborative effort of Husband and Wife team, Gil & Becky Stonebarger. Becky is the mastermind and driving force behind the Center, with Gil supporting her every step of the way. With over 50 yrs of combined experience in Hospitality, Becky & Gil finally realized their dream of an affordable, inspiring space for Businesses and Individuals alike to meet, train or just party. Becky has owned several businesses through the years and is very proud of her degree in Casino Management and is currently working on her Event Planning degree as well. Gil is a US Navy Veteran who has managed hospitality operations across the country for over 30 yrs. They have been happily married for over 30 yrs, have two daughters and two grandchildren.