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Strategy Planning PhotoStrategy Planning Is A Year-Round Endeavor

How many of you work in an industry that only operates for parts of the year? Unless you are a ski instructor in Las Vegas, your business likely operates year round. If we accept that point as truth, why would a business only plan at the end of a year? Do your plans and activities always stay the same day after day? Of course not. If you find your business struggling in July, with the strategy planning you devised the December before, do you wait until December to make a change? You may, but failure is likely written into the cards. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]Strategy Planning Is A Year-Round Endeavor[/tweet_box]

Planning Monthly, Quarterly and More

Perhaps it is time to take a fresh look at your business planning strategies. If your projects, sales or marketing just don’t have the same effect after months of effort, it’s time to change something. Many businesses, small and large fail to recognize when it is time to change strategies. Why wait to evaluate a program until it is in full failure mode? Conducting strategy planning sessions or program reviews are critical at numerous times during the year. Therefore conducting these reviews and planning sessions on a more frequent basis is simply the wise thing to do, before failure is baked into the recipe. Depending on your volume of business, you may even want to conduct these sessions of discovery on a monthly or more frequent basis.

Distraction Free Planning

Was your last business review or strategy planning session conducted in your lunchroom?  Did your last marketing planning occur in the back room at Applebees? One of the key things we have discovered at The Beacon Center is the value of having a distraction-free environment to meet. It’s tough to plan out the future of your business when the phone is ringing off the hook, the cleaner is trying to empty the trash and your employees are due to use the breakroom/planning room for lunch. Your first step in adopting a year-round strategy planning process is Location, Location, Location. Your workplace lunchroom or a bar is not the place to conduct professional business planning.

An Oasis Free From Distractions

You have realized the need to plan and review your business year round. You have also decided to get the staff and yourself away from the normal distractions of your business. Kudos to you, but where do you go? Might we suggest The Beacon Center? We are a neutral themed, bright and clean venue, tailor-made for all types of business meetings and functions. You can take a virtual tour, read our wonderful Yelp reviews and decide for yourself. We are confident you will realize that our space should be your space and the perfect distraction-free location for your meetings.

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