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canceled event photoCancellations Can Hurt

Canceling is no big deal. You can always reschedule or get a refund, your time is important. That is true, however, what about the person you cancel on? Is their time not valuable as well? Imagine that you finally were able to re-book that dentist appointment you canceled some weeks ago. You were busy and the tooth didn’t hurt that much, only when you drank cold beverages. It sure hurts now, but you are relieved to be going in to get it repaired. Especially on a Friday, since you have big weekend plans.

The morning of your appointment you receive a phone call. Your dentist is canceling your appointment. The receptionist is very apologetic and suggests you get some toothache drops to get you by. When can I reschedule you ask? Again the dentist’s office apologizes and informs you the doctor is not available until Monday. Great, you are in pain and after an hour of calling every other dentist in town, you are faced with a bad tooth that is getting worse, until Monday.

If you had only kept your previous canceled appointment…

Canceling Should Be The Last Resort  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]What about the person you cancel on?[/tweet_box]

When you finally see the dentist, he lets slip that he shot 5 under par on Friday. FRIDAY!? You are livid, how dare he cancel on you for a golf game. Then it suddenly dawns on you that you canceled your last appointment for EXACTLY the same reason. As he gives you a shot to numb you, he casually mentions that he missed out on an investor meeting because of scheduling changes due to a cancellation rearranging treatment schedules. Guess which day his meeting was?

He goes on to explain that he was planning to bring on another dentist with the investment money, so he could serve patients like you, more quickly. He is now back to square one and will have to postpone expansion. You feel like a jerk. Your decision to cancel, so you could golf, may have cost the dentist valuable resources and ensured that you might find yourself without a dentist for future dental work.

Think Before You Cancel

There are legitimate reasons to cancel an appointment or meeting. However, common courtesy would dictate you do so early enough to allow the other party to adjust. Before you pick up that phone to cancel, consider the impact on the party you are meeting. Their time is just as valuable as yours and from the example above, canceling can have negative impacts on everyone involved. Instead of canceling outright, inquire about an earlier or later appointment. You can also ask if your cancellation will cause problems for the other party. You expect those courtesies from others, shouldn’t you extend them to others yourself?

The Beacon Center Has Flexible Appointment Times

Here at The Beacon Center, we conduct a lot of walkthrough appointments. Customers want an in-person look at our venue before they book and we want them to see what we are so proud of. To facilitate that we schedule appointments 7 days a week and all day long up until late into the evening. When you do book our venue, we block out your time and remove it from our availability. In that way, we ensure that your rental is open and ready, no overbooking for us. In fact, the only time we will cancel is in times of local or national emergency. We will move mountains to ensure our facility is ready for you when you booked it. We would hope for the same from our customers.

If you need space for a function, from Corporate events to your own Birthday party, we stand ready to help. Simply visit our website and book a tour or just call us.  We promise we won’t cancel on you.


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