The Incredible Shrinking Wedding – Trend or Here To Stay?

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Weddings Are Getting Smaller

Recently a Bride and her overly excited mom toured our venue, The Beacon Center, in Las Vegas. This young lady’s mom was very vocally advocating for a huge ballroom, thousands of dollars in flowers, a four-layer cake, and all the assorted accouterments of a lavish wedding. All during the tour, the mother kept badgering her daughter to find a MUCH larger place to have the ceremony and reception. This excited mom even produced a list of the largest churches in the area for her daughter to schedule her ceremony in. To say it was a difficult tour was an understatement.

However, it eventually became clear that the Bride was NOT interested in inviting half the valley to her wedding. She finally corraled her mom and told her to stop. She went on to explain to her mom that she wanted to turn from the altar and see a group of faces of people she actually loves and cares about…not her dad’s business clients or her mom’s social group. Just a few close loved ones, not a carnival show. I winced as she mentioned “carnival show”, after all some brides rightfully dream of a fairy tale wedding. At any rate that seemed to snap her mother back to reality.

Should You Downsize Your Wedding?

The bride in our example reveals a growing trend…Smaller Weddings. Whether it has been brought on by economics, occupancy limits or just simply to make things easier, downsizing of weddings is here and may turn into a longer-term trend. But is a small wedding right for you? Well, if you are not Elon Musk or Bill Gates, a fairy tale wedding is likely not even possible. Perhaps you are saving with your new spouse to purchase a home? Those thousands of dollars spent on flowers and a cake could be the down payment on your new home. If you only have a handful of close friends and loved ones that can or will attend, why spend $10K on a ceremony and reception?

As you can likely see, if you are a bride or groom who sees life on a more practical level, shrinking your wedding footprint may be in the cards. Likewise, you can still have a lavish style wedding…just reduce the guest list and size of your venue.

How Do I Go Smaller?

To help you re-orient your thinking to downsizing, we came up with a simple, three-part process to get you started:

#1. Shrink your guest list – Fewer people means fewer costs

#2. Shrink your footprint – Rent a smaller venue for the festivities. With fewer attendees, you need fewer square feet of elbow room.

#3. Live stream your ceremony – Remember those folks who were culled from your guest list? Send them a special invitation to view a live stream of the ceremony.

We have one more suggestion below to help you plan your Incredible Shrinking Wedding.

The Beacon Center Is The King Of Small Weddings

One of the key focus points at our venue is weddings. In fact, our owner, Becky Stonebarger, absolutely LOVES weddings. She is an expert at getting the most wedding or reception for your money. We may be smaller than most hotel ballrooms or large event centers, but we can show you how easy it is to have a beautiful smaller ceremony. If the emotions of the day are more important than the number of bodies in the seats, The Beacon Center should be the first place you look.

To see for yourself what a great value we offer, visit our website and book your own free tour with Becky. You can also call 702-528-0477 and speak to Becky personally.


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