To Strip or Not To Strip

That is the question

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You have made it further with your business than you ever imagined. First, it was just you and the cat. Ok, the cat wasn’t actually working for you, you are working for her, but I digress. Now you have employees, more than you planned when you were just starting out. Living and working so close to the Las Vegas Strip has made that challenge both easier and more difficult.

The Strip is a magnet, has been since the day the first Casino opened. This popularity certainly helped your business grow with demand. It made luring strong talent to work here easier. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. What happens in Vegas has to happen on the Strip right? Well, not so fast. There are also serious challenges with living and working so close to this world-renowned destination. Despite all the obvious advantages to a business, there are also downsides.

  • Traffic – ever hear of the Spaghetti Bowl?
  • High Costs – It’s not just shrimp cocktails that aren’t 99 cents anymore
  • Transient Population – didn’t the neighbor just buy that house last month?
  • EXTREME Weather – Visit in August or January

All of these can make running a business, hiring and retaining workers or training them, a true challenge. The natural tendency of many professionals in Las Vegas is to immediately head to the Strip to conduct business.

While there are definite advantages to this approach and it is indeed impressive to new employees and clients, it can also come with a steep price and frustrations for your staff. We at The Beacon Center suggest you rethink your approach. [tweet_dis]Working and meeting on the Strip is a must for some situations. However, the peace and quiet you can gain at an Off-Strip location like ours can give you the best of both worlds.[/tweet_dis]

The Beacon Center is located less than 2 miles from the Strip. From our door, you can see the Luxor, Mandalay Bay, The Orleans and more. Yet, getting to our place is a breeze, very little traffic and the quiet environment is perfect for getting clients and employees alike to focus on the task at hand, with no Neon Lights to distract. Without having to fight the constant streams of people, the lack and cost of parking and the high costs of Strip meetings or functions, you can have their undivided attention, while still maintaining that excitement of “The Strip”

Give us a call and see how we can blend the Lights of Las Vegas with your meeting or training needs.


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Becky Stonebarger

About Becky Stonebarger

The Beacon Center is the collaborative effort of Husband and Wife team, Gil & Becky Stonebarger. Becky is the mastermind and driving force behind the Center, with Gil supporting her every step of the way. With over 50 yrs of combined experience in Hospitality, Becky & Gil finally realized their dream of an affordable, inspiring space for Businesses and Individuals alike to meet, train or just party. Becky has owned several businesses through the years and is very proud of her degree in Casino Management and is currently working on her Event Planning degree as well. Gil is a US Navy Veteran who has managed hospitality operations across the country for over 30 yrs. They have been happily married for over 30 yrs, have two daughters and two grandchildren.