Starting a Small Business in the Virtual Jungle

By November 6th, 2019Venue Space Vegas

Virtual JungleWelcome To The Jungle

So you decided to start a business that lives and breathes in the Virtual Jungle of social media and digital advertising. You have a big idea and you are super passionate about it. But, when you start to jump, your feet feel like sandbags cover them, and you cannot move. In today’s jungle called the Internet, you need to know how you can jump into the waters of a virtual platform using easy strategies, without getting lost in the jungle. These tips and techniques will support you in creating a business that sustains itself. Helping you to feel confident in the future success of your business model. We totally understand that new/small businesses are scary at first. Taking the right steps toward success goes a long way.

Here are some easy to implement strategies.

First of all, congratulations on deciding to become a virtual entrepreneur. To succeed today, there is simply no way around having a presence on social media. To keep you from massive overload and burnout, use these 5 techniques that help you make the JUMP without scaring you out of your business. As a small business owner, we know that you need all of the support you can get. Remember, you achieve the know, like and trust factor when you demonstrate successful systems.

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5 Powerful Strategies

Automate Social Media. You can download a multitude of programs that assist with automation. Maybe even set aside a specific day and plan out your social media week.
Use Short Emails in your Funnel. There are simply way too many emails in circulation today, competing for attention.
Use a BOT across Facebook Messenger. The new kid on the block is a “BOT.” This is a software that responds to people via messenger and is super intuitive.
Clean Your Funnel!  You may have heard about Click Funnels and some of the other funnel programs. You may have had extreme success and gathered 1000’s of email addresses, but none of the emails are converting. This is because funnels, as good as they are, still clog up the inbox and cause an overload for already overloaded entrepreneurs. Clear out leads that have been in your funnel for over 3 months.

Finally, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups are a great way to get and keep the engagement. These groups are the perfect way to explore options and methods for your own business.

When Virtual And Reality Collide

Again, congratulations on the start of your great jungle adventure. Here at The Beacon Center, we have hosted many functions for businesses whose whole existence is on the world wide web. From planning meetings, presentations, employee gatherings or training, at some point virtual work intersects with real tables and chairs. We can help your journey from the jungle to civilized meetings with linen and padded chairs.


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A Ribbon Cutting for a Virtual Business

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