Work From Home – The Decline Of Teamwork?

Work from home photoDoes Work From Home Hurt Teamwork?

Your company embraced Work From Home recently and you loved it. In the beginning, you loved it, no commute, zoom staff meetings, and no one stealing your lunch from the office fridge.  Yep, a virtual nirvana. . . or is it? Suddenly getting an answer from a co-worker or boss involves 3 emails, two texts, and a carrier pigeon. (The pigeon isn’t quite sure how to use email yet but he is working on it.) Suddenly your ready supply of post-it notes, tape, and ink pens has dried up. Now you have to drive to the office supply store, fight the crowds, and spend your own money if you want a ream of paper. Remember that zoom meeting when your husband walked in with just his briefs on? Embarrassing! Work from home definitely has its unique challenges.

There are positives and negatives in any situation, but work from home has numerous sets of challenges that businesses and employees have never had to consider before. Our focus today is the potential loss of cohesion, teamwork, and support for managers, supervisors, and staff. Teamwork, in particular, may suffer the most. It’s hard to play as a team when you are all in different ballparks.

Can You Work From Home And Still Feel Included?

As more companies either embrace or experiment with work from home models, unforeseen issues have arisen. Communication is key and luckily we are blessed with all types of electronic communications. Yet even those can cause issues. It is hard to express emotion, levity, or concern in an email. Video conferences can be problematic if you are not in the right setting. If you are a texting person, it is very easy for work-related texts to be missed, accidentally deleted, or just ignored. It takes a special effort to remain connected to your work team when you work from home.

The loss of personal connections with people in your workplace will become more acute as the work from home practice grows. We really don’t yet understand what the fallout will be. What is obvious is the teamwork push that has been so prevalent in the past is fading somewhat. When people don’t feel connected they lose motivation and interest. Not to mention distractions when working from home are numerous and occur without warning. These are all issues that impede and damage a firm’s cohesion and focus. The sense of belonging, purpose, and accomplishment are all made more difficult by the work from home model. [tweet_box design=”default” float=”right” width=”40%”]As more companies either embrace or experiment with work from home models, unforeseen issues have arisen[/tweet_box]

Communicate, Communicate And Communicate Some More

Keeping staff connected and communicating should be the new focus of anyone working from home or just considering it. As we mentioned before technology has blessed us with more ways to communicate than ever before. Yet, with these remote communications, the human touch is lost. Humans are wired to need the company of other humans. This applies to work just as it does to your family, friends, or romantic life. We need each other and working from home makes filling that need all the more difficult.

The good news is that with a little effort, some focus on procedures, and timely communications, your employees can stay connected and working as a team. Each business will need to determine what works for their operation, customers, and staff. With that said, we believe you STILL need to get your teams together, in person. You cannot separate any team completely or permanently without it becoming a losing proposition. It’s hard to win games without everyone working and on the field together. Training sessions, production and sales meetings, and even staff milestones or accomplishments can be held in person and should be held no matter what your work from home policy is. We need each other in business just as much as we do in our personal lives.

Meetings, Training Sessions, and Celebrations, Oh My!

There is no limit to the possible situations that can require you to bring your work team together. Work from home doesn’t have to kill your teamwork, you just need to make plans and set aside time to gather your folks in person. For many businesses, the solution is an offsite meeting rental venue. Luckily for you, The Beacon Center is the perfect answer for fostering teamwork. Our centrally located facility is designed with businesses in mind. Our space can be arranged to encourage social distancing while still allowing your staff to see each other, talk, and renew bonds.

When you add The Beacon Center to your team, you gain a place to gather your players, coach your team, and ensure no one feels like a bench warmer. If you would like to learn more just visit our website and book a free tour or just call us. We don’t have peanuts and cracker jacks but we do have a clean, private, and inviting space to bring a little more teamwork to your game.

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